Seriously, I did a double take

26 Nov

Well, I did.

Don’t ask. If I haven’t already told you, don’t ask.

But I think I’m going to lay low on the blog posts for awhile. I’ve recently rediscovered my sad and lonely little journal, and I’ve promised myself that I’d fill this one up by the end of the year, and this blog is cutting in on my writing time…and topics. I can’t really write about something twice, can I?

So, for the next month, I’ll be on a blog fast. No writing on this thing. So I suggest you find something else to read…if this really is what you read. Which would be kind of sad. No. Really sad. But if you’re a journaler, you’ll understand. The one I’m currently filling, I’ve been writing in since sophomore year of high school. Three year for Christ’s sake! Yeah, needless to say, I need to finish it. Because I have 5 more empty ones that I still need to fill. But if anyone needs an idea for a Christmas gift–a journal. A really cool, quirky one. I collect them, and I have since I was in the 3rd grade. Kinda weird, but hey…they’re pretty.

Truly, I’d love to sit and go off on a tangent about what happened today, but I have my journal for that. And besides, I really don’t want everyone reading about this one.

❤ Abby


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