I <3 Green Tea

2 Nov

Okay, maybe not just green tea.

I just went to go meet Yoshiko, so that I could see her room, in the apartments. I love it. When I came in, I took my shoes off and everyone. She’s so much more polite than we all are, as Americans. God are we slobs. I mean holy crap. She had everything organized on the coffee table and her bed was made. She had all her bookshelves set up and full of books. I thought that I brought a lot of books. No. I look like a freaking idiot compared to those two. But it was very cool.

I felt a little funny when she showed me her room, and she had me turn around when she got something out from under her bed though. They’re very private people. Very unlike us. But now I feel really bad about how we came off last week, like loud, impolite slobs.

This is actually a really eye-opening experience I’ve discovered. It’s really shed light on other cultures for me. I’d heard about how Japanese culture is like from Caity and Jamie, but never actually experienced it. I liked it. I am honestly thankful that our school has many different ethnic cultures, but the lack of other diversity still bothers me.

But about the green tea. Yoshiko made us tea. Tea and Kettle chips. It was really hot at first, but then it cooled down. And then she brought out her guitar, because we both played the guitar apparently. I hadn’t played in forever, but she wanted me to play. I played the very first song I ever learned in lessons, and I remembered it surprisingly well. I guess it’s just muscle memory.

I gotta go, it’s dinner time.

But Grey’s Anatomy was AWESOME last night. Seriously. That was totally random. Oh well.

❤ Abby


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