I honestly can’t feel bad

28 Nov

Okay, after every journal entry in my handwritten journal I can write one here. That’s the deal that I’ve made myself. I just wrote a fatty 9 page one. Yeah, I feel awesome.

But you know what the dumbest saying is?


Because it isn’t needless to say, since it’s a precursor to something else. So obviously it’s not needless to say. You said it! I just thought of that earlier as I wrote it down in my journal. That’s what I like more about writing by hand. You have to think about what you’re writing more, so it helps to polish your natural writing rather than typing, which can automatically fix things and remind you when you have bad grammar. I’ve never found a pen with spell check, have you?

I don’t think so!

But yes, needless to say should be needless to say, because it’s dumb! People just say it before certain things to make them seem more dramatic. Just say, “okay, so you probably already figured this, but I’m going to say it anyway!”

So don’t even say it

There, I wrote a blog. Happy now?

Just kidding.

❤ Abby


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