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random nonsensical updates that have nothing to do with eachother

12 Feb

I just had to start with this video because my favorite band from San Fran that opened for We Are Scientists in 2008 released it this morning. It makes my heart feel full. It’s such a Valentine’s Day-y song. So cute and lovely, but not cutesy. Not only is it shot beautifully by Yours Truly (not me, the name of the production team), but it’s all warm and fuzzy and sweet. Don’t you just love the first couple lyrics? They’re kinda dirty, but from Chris’s lil’ crooner voice it sounds adorable.

I love the bit at the end when Chris explains what it’s about, the Phil Specter shout-out, when Julian and the two other drummers are playing in unison, and the violins, and Chris’s voice, and the Echo Chamber Orchestra, and John Vanderslice, and all the hugs. I just love it. It was a great way to end the day after finally turning in my personal essay for creative non-fiction, checking the IAS class schedule for next quarter, and having the easier midterm ever.

Seriously. Today was a good day. And Gary and Lucy came over. I swear I haven’t seen her since right after Christmas. The last two times Gary came over I wasn’t home. I was at Ledger one weekend and seeing Phoenix the next time. I was almost too excited to get home today, and when I walked in the door, Lucy could not have been more excited to see me. I really am her favorite. I’m not gonna lie. She didn’t stop jumping on me for 5 minutes and whining and gnawing at my wrist. That’s how she shows her love. She chews on me. I don’t know what I would have done if that dog had gotten away the night of Gary’s accident. I don’t know what HE would have done, because she’s clearly the best part of his life right now. Most likely what’s keeping him from looking for a job. Anyway… so…yeah. Good midterm.

Took photos at a school event today. It was called “Am I Beautiful?” So I was expecting this motivational thing about self-esteem, being yourself, ignoring stereotypes and uber skinny models, blah, blah…high school stuff, but nope. I walked into this room and a Bible was sitting on the table.

Uh. Oh.

It was a Christy event. That’s what I call them. I think it’s more vague that “Jesusy” or “Gody.” And besides, Gody could be misinterpreted as gawdy. And that’s not what I meant. No, it was Christy. I’m sitting there, listening to this woman talk about God and Jesus and the Bible and creation and all that, and I’m just taking pictures. At one point I think the woman said something about wanting scientists to come out realizing that they were wrong and be all “creation woot!” Well, not in those words, but basically that. It was WEIRD. They ended the thing with a prayer, and I snapped a couple pictures of the prayer, which turned out kinda cool actually, and I skipped out of the room before they opened their eyes. It was weird.

Oh, okay. Guess who’s April schedule just got even more inconvenient?

Well, obviously mine. But I just found out that Chris Hardwick, aka Nerdist, aka the host of G4’s Web Soup, aka the former host of MTV’s Singled Out aka one half of comedy duo Hard n’ Phirm is going to be in Seattle at the Showbox at the Market performing stand up on GUESS WHICH DAY?

No seriously guess.


Not quite.

You’re getting warmer.

Okay, I’ll tell you. April 10th. Same night as Spoon, AND Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros. And I find out today that layout weekend is April 9-11. So basically I have to decide to either drive 200 miles in two days or just go see Spoon on Friday the 9th and bail on Jonsi and Chris Hardwick the 10th. Cause I’m not missing Spoon. Not even for layout weekend. And besides, it’s on a friday, and we never stay as late on fridays. But saturday will be a problem. I skipped out early to see the Cribs two weeks ago and we ended up staying really late on sunday. But then again we didn’t get a lot done on friday. I still have two months to figure this shit out, but I just know I’m not missing Spoon. Plus, La Roux and Florence + the Machine are both within the next ten days of Spoon. Hooray for insane schedules!

Five…wait, four more days until we find out the Sasquatch Lineup. I cannot wait any longer. I need The Doctor right now to take me in the Tardis to four days into the future so I can know if my beloved Scientists will be gracing any of the stages at the Gorge. If they don’t Miranda and I have already devised a plan to record a video begging them to come. I think I might cry either way – if they do or they don’t come. And I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for Arcade Fire. That’d be wicked. And I think someone on Last.fm mentioned Panda Bear possibly coming back because of his new solo album. I would die. I would seriously keel over and die if Panda, WAS and Arcade Fire were there for me to celebrate my birthday. Good lord yes. And what else would be amazing – if the Morning Benders came to Sasquatch! They’re playing SXSW, why not come north? It’s only fair because their show at the Crocodile in April is 21+. Don’t they remember what it was like to not be able to go to shows they wanted to see? It wasn’t that long ago. Grrr. I should have started a Facebook campaign to bring my favorite artists to Sasquatch.

Well, we’ll know in four days, won’t we?

What else?

I won’t talk about Valentine’s Day until Valentine’s Day. But as of right now, I still don’t like it. It has an ugly color scheme, like the color of those creepy cartoony diagrams of your insides, and it’s like they have to put nasty chocolates in the boxes to make the mediocre ones seem amazing. Honestly, who eats the coconut ones? I don’t. I like Easter candy much more. You don’t get coconut eggs. Easter and Halloween candy isn’t a mystery. You don’t have to punch a hole in the bottom of Easter and Halloween chocolates to know what’s inside. Damn Valentine’s Day.

You know what I wanna do? Go to the new Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. I’ve seen pictures, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to one. In 8th grade we went to Planet Hollywood in New York, but never the Hard Rock. Pretty sure. And it’s right off Pike Place, so it’s in a nice part of town, not sketchy at all.

I need voodoo doughnuts. I want a maple bacon doughnut right now. When Cassie comes to visit, she better bring me doughnuts. Or if it wasn’t layout weekend this weekend I’d drive down for the long weekend and stay with her. Oh well, we’re going to make a good paper. I’m proud of my pictures, and I think we have good content. I wasn’t at the meeting tuesday because of my stupid writing group for creative nonfiction, so I’m not sure what’s going in this issue.

I told you it was nonsensical.

I’m having Editors withdrawals. Off to watch more Youtube videos of various live performances.

❤ Abby

My two-day PDX extravaganza

1 Nov

I needed to get out of this house. Yes. I had class on thursday. Yes. I skipped class. But I did turn in all my work, and even turned a paper in early because I was an idiot and thought it was due thursday instead of this coming tuesday. Oh well, one less thing to me to worry about.

So what exactly gave me the impulse to drive 2.5 hours south of Gig Harbor for a couple days?

Well, I wanted to hang out with my WAS buddies, and going to Portland was my chance to do that.

Aren’t we cool?

But I also went to go see a great show – a benefit for Portland’s PDX Pop Now organization, which celebrates the local musicians of Portland. It’s pretty cool. Actually, when I emailed a woman from PDX Pop Now about the photo policy of the club, Mississippi Studios, she said I wouldn’t be able to get on the main floor since I’m not 21, but she did say that she could get me on the list for the festival in the spring.

Portland people are so damn nice.

The guy taking our tickets asked me if I had a photo pass for the show. I told him I didn’t, but then he said, “I don’t wanna give you any grief. Just don’t use any flash.”

I never use flash if I don’t have do. And I didn’t.

See. I made this one my desktop.

I’m finally proud of my concert photography. It feels nice to actually have good pictures to send to PopWreckoning instead of the shitty ones I’ve been sending from my Coolpix. YES!

Here are a couple more of Britt Daniel and the other bands, IOA and The Robinsons.

It was a great show, and the balcony had some pretty sweet seating. It wrapped around the stage on three sides, which gave extra room for us youngins. We were the first ones to get to the balcony, so we got the best seats out of the 35 seats upstairs. 35 seats. Isn’t that cool? We need cool clubs like that in Tacoma. Because Tacoma’s lame, and only has The Viaduct that plays shitty-ass hardcore music and Club Impact that caters to 16-year-olds.

After the show was over, Laura and I drove to Sabrina’s to stay the night, and hang out with her cool baby, Curtis. He’s like a monkey, makes gremlin noises, and he head-bangs. Or he’s just squirmy. Anywho, he’s funny. We stuck around there for a bit the next day and had children climbing on us for a good two hours. We watched Cinderella and ate bacon. Then it was time to meet Adrian and Renee, and Renee’s friend Ahmad.

Another reason why Portland people are so nice – the guy running the parking garage gave us the code to open up the door if we needed to get to our car after 6, which is when it closed. See? Nice.

We walked over to the Burnside Powell’s. And let me tell you, up until then, I felt like a terrible word nerd for never having been to Powell’s. It’s an entire block of books. Four corners of shelves up to the ceiling of books. It was overwhelming. Like a labyrinth of new releases, old classics, an entire nook of moleskines, and room filled with sci-fi. The first thing I did was go find the new Postsecret book to see if my secret made it in. It didn’t, but I did find this.

It says, “I called in sick to work today so I could buy this book.”

It made me extremely happy. I almost bought it just because of that, but I was being cheap, so a photo sufficed. About 20 minutes after Laura and I got there, so did everyone else. And we browsed the many rooms of Powell’s, and Ahmad had a certain interest in girl gangs.

“Wouldn’t it be great if when you went to heaven, everyone was in a girl gang? No one would fight, but we’d all be ready to fight. And we’d have great matching outfits? That’s be perfect.”

We asked the woman working at the desk if there were any books on girl gangs, but sadly enough, there weren’t.

Actually, I didn’t spend a lot of money this weekend at all. I only spent it on food and a new sweater. We ate some pretty interesting food while we were there though. I had a couple new culinary experiences while in Portland. One being lamb meatballs at a mediterranean restaurant, and saffron rice at that same restaurant.

This one. Doesn’t it have a ridiculous sign? What are those purple claws supposed to be?

Lamb was really good. I can say that now.

But the true wonderment of culinary confections was where we went later that night. No, we never got to hit up Pine State Biscuits, because we had no idea where Belmont St. was, and we walked about 8 miles that day back and forth from Powell’s to Renee’s hotel, to Everyday Music, to Am App, to Buffalo Exchange, and then Voodoo Doughnuts.

Yes, Voodoo Doughnuts opened my eyes to the most confusing, most tasty doughnut I think I’ve ever had.

You may think this looks disgusting at first glance, but trust me, if you ever get to chance to go to Voodoo Doughnuts, you need to try one. YOU MUST.

The Maple Bacon Doughnut.

Just think about it: sweet and salty is never bad; candied maple bacon is tasty; don’t you always dip your bacon in syrup? I know I do.

Once we’d walked to and from Voodoo Doughnuts, Ahmad found some sweet tights for his Halloween costume and we sang down the street back to Renee’s swanky hotel.

As we sat and watched the rerun of thursday’s Project Runway, Ahmad came up with a great idea. We’ve started a band. And we’ll look like a girl gang. And we’ll be called Hot Carl. Laura will play keyboard, I’ll play guitar, Adrian will play bass, Ahmad will sing vocals, and Renee would be our band manager. We wouldn’t need a drummer, only a drum machine. Because that’s how we roll.

Hot Carl.

And yes, we know what Hot Carl means. I can’t remember who suggested it, but once they did, I knew it meant something else, but for some reason, it slipped my mind. So I googled it. And then we all laughed. It was PERFECT.

So…. when we left, Laura, Adrian and I walked literally for almost an hour trying to find our damn parking lot. I’m pretty sure we went around the same block three times.

Hot Carl.

But eventually, we found it, opened the door, and made our way through Vancouver to drop Adrian off, since it was on our way.

Hot Carl.

We stopped at a restaurant called Elmer’s for dinner. We got there at about 8:40, but it closed at 9. The waitress who seated us didn’t really care because she worked the bar later, so she let us stay after hours to finish out sandwiches and fries (and onion rings).

Hot Carl.

Seriously, if you don’t know what that means, google it right now. Urban Dictionary will be the first one that comes up, and that is the definition. Seriously.

We drove back to Sabrina’s earlier than we had the night before, so we got a little bit more sleep than the previous night. The next morning, we went to this restaurant – I’m not kidding – called Fatty Patty’s in Battle Ground. And we ate – I’m not kidding – slop. Well, it was hashbrowns with bacon bits, ham, cheese, green onions, all covered in white gravy. I like my hashbrowns a little bit crunchier, but it was pretty tasty. And even after my coco-puff doughnut I’d had when we first woke up.

Yeah, pretty much the food was the best part of the trip, other than the show on thursday, and how fucking huge Powell’s is.

I’m off to listen to Child Star some more. 😀

ADDENDUM: My review’s been published! Click here to go to PopWreckoning.

❤ Abby