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oh my god you guys

25 Feb

“Rules Don’t Stop” is so fucking good.

I’ve said this in multiple places by now, but seriously. It’s so good. I’m way more excited for Barbara than I think I ever was for Brain Thrust Mastery. No lie.

I’ve listened to it a good 60+ times by now. I just kept pushing repeat on my iPod earlier. But it’s kind of awkward because my jeans don’t have front pockets, just back pockets, so every 2 minutes I’d press a button on my ass. Yeeaaaaaah.

The song needs to be longer. Way longer. Like 10 minutes. Or I need all of Barbara right now. It was the craziest thing. I was getting ready to go to school yesterday, and I had my computer logged into iPlayer to listen to Zane Lowe’s radio show, completely pessimistic from the two previous days of FAILURE. It was 11:20-ish. I was seriously going to get in my car and head to school, BUT THEN ZANE SAID IT. “We Are Scientists’ new song coming up.”


So I sat on my bed, listening to Zane’s ridiculously long intro, playing “After Hours” or “Nobody Move” or something else in the background while saying random things that we as WAS fans already knew. And then the opening riff came on.

And I screamed like a crazy person. My door was closed, mind you, and mom came in thinking that I saw a rat, or I stepped on a pushpin, or I dropped my computer and it broke in two. But no, I was hearing the actual recording of WAS’s actual song from their actual new CD Barbara. It was so exciting that my heartbeat got all fluttery and I acted like even more of a crazy person, dancing around my room, shouting and pumping my fists into the air like Pauly D. No lie.

I love this song like Keith loves Andy.

Like Keith and Chris love Danny North.

Like Tapper loves Chris (Urb).

Fuck, like Carl and Pete USED to love eachother.

I’m off to listen to it another 60 more times.


❤ Abby

I started a Tumblog!

22 Feb

It’s right here. I kind of haven’t really stopped posting there for the last day and a half, cause it’s so much quicker than posting here, but you can include more things than on Twitter. Tumblr’s like a blog mixed with twitter. So I figured I should make myself present in the Tumblr world, cause where do I not exist on the internet? WordPress, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Myspace, Last.fm, Flickr, and now Tumblr. I’ve titled it “This Is A Tangent 2.0,” because I’m not creative. And it will include these posts as well as short lil’ bits of goodness, like videos, pictures, quotes, links, and SONGS. We can upload audio to Tumblr and have them play right there. It’s pretty cool.

This week has started out exponentially better than last week. Well, apart from “Rules Don’t Stop” not being played on Zane Lowe’s show on BBC radio this morning, today’s pretty alright. I didn’t feel like shit waking up, I have the easiest homework this week, and we watched a badass movie in my film class today. Check this sexy mofo –

Seriously, is Johnny Depp never not hot? Okay, Willy Wonka wasn’t sexy, but every other time, he’s so pretty. And Dead Man was by far the craziest movie we’ve watched in my Western class to date. It started out slow, and Crispin Glover was all creepy like he always is, and Johnny Depp saw a whore blowing a guy in an alley in this town called Machine, and he killed a guy, got shot, then an Indian came and rescued him and took him hella West. I mean, as pretty freaking West as you can get – Pacific Ocean West. Iggy Pop and Billy Bob Thornton were some mountain dudes who wanted to kill Johnny Depp, and Alfred Molina was a Christian dude who ran the trading post and all this happened in 90 minutes. You should watch it. Neil Young did the soundtrack, and it’s ace. Like, one of the coolest soundtracks I’ve ever heard.

That’s a nice segue, music!

I’ve been listening to a lot of The Automatic the last day or so, after seeing this project that one of my many internet friends, Polly has done. She gets college credit for this. Seriously. I vote that you go take a look at her pictures, and listen to this band:

What else?

Oh, I bought my Sasquatch ticket. But that’s only to cover my ass in case I happen to not get my press credentials, which then I’ll be sad and cry.

I should move my car, wait, no. Not now. Then I’ll get another ticket. Keep it in the garage, Abby. Don’t move it. I’ll do homework. Right, my feature story final draft is due tomorrow. Way to go me for recycling an old story idea. Half-assing is so much easier that way.

Hopefully tomorrow Zane Lowe will play “Rules Don’t Stop.” I’ve been major jonesing for new WAS lately. And I’m sure that any of my friends who doesn’t listen to WAS are tired of hearing about them. But I DON’T CARE. I love them that much.


❤ Abby