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oh my god you guys

25 Feb

“Rules Don’t Stop” is so fucking good.

I’ve said this in multiple places by now, but seriously. It’s so good. I’m way more excited for Barbara than I think I ever was for Brain Thrust Mastery. No lie.

I’ve listened to it a good 60+ times by now. I just kept pushing repeat on my iPod earlier. But it’s kind of awkward because my jeans don’t have front pockets, just back pockets, so every 2 minutes I’d press a button on my ass. Yeeaaaaaah.

The song needs to be longer. Way longer. Like 10 minutes. Or I need all of Barbara right now. It was the craziest thing. I was getting ready to go to school yesterday, and I had my computer logged into iPlayer to listen to Zane Lowe’s radio show, completely pessimistic from the two previous days of FAILURE. It was 11:20-ish. I was seriously going to get in my car and head to school, BUT THEN ZANE SAID IT. “We Are Scientists’ new song coming up.”


So I sat on my bed, listening to Zane’s ridiculously long intro, playing “After Hours” or “Nobody Move” or something else in the background while saying random things that we as WAS fans already knew. And then the opening riff came on.

And I screamed like a crazy person. My door was closed, mind you, and mom came in thinking that I saw a rat, or I stepped on a pushpin, or I dropped my computer and it broke in two. But no, I was hearing the actual recording of WAS’s actual song from their actual new CD Barbara. It was so exciting that my heartbeat got all fluttery and I acted like even more of a crazy person, dancing around my room, shouting and pumping my fists into the air like Pauly D. No lie.

I love this song like Keith loves Andy.

Like Keith and Chris love Danny North.

Like Tapper loves Chris (Urb).

Fuck, like Carl and Pete USED to love eachother.

I’m off to listen to it another 60 more times.


❤ Abby

I’m pretty sure I needed to pay my parking ticket today. Oops.

15 Feb

^^^Completely unrelated^^^

Today was Valentine’s Day. Blech. I hate how some people abbreviate it to V-day. It makes it sound like “Virgin Day” or “Vagina Day.” It’s just a lame day. It had a lame color scheme, and makes all us singles feel lame about being single. We’re the ones who don’t have to spend money on dinner and gifts, so who got the short end of the stick here? My mom’s friend had the hardest time finding reservations for dinner tonight because – not only is it Valentine’s Day, but it was their anniversary. That sucks for two reasons – you can’t get reservations, and it’s cliche. Valentine’s Day is just one big fat cliche.

So Happy Singles Awareness Day everyone who didn’t have to buy a teddy bear and chocolates and jewelry and some other random cheesy gift. But bravo if you came up with some really creative to do for your significant other.

Totally not the point of this post either.

The Sasquatch Lineup is being announced tomorrow night. Too bad the launch party at the Crocodile is 21+, cause that would be a cool place to be tomorrow. Soon after, applications for press passes will be online, and I’ll be able to shoot my first festival. For my 21st birthday. I’ve said this possibly way too many times, and I’m guessing that you’re getting tired of me mentioning it.

If these artists showed up to Sasquatch, it would be a dream come true.


I will cry if this happens. And if it doesn’t.


Funeral=Greatest album of the decade. Nuff said.


I never loved Dave Grohl him as much as WAS, but I’ve loved him for much longer, so it’s almost an equal total amount of love. And fucking John Paul Jones. I mean, you don’t get much more legendary than Zeppelin. If I got to shoot them, good lord that would be cool.


Big Echo is so amazing, and their Seattle show in April is 21+, and I’m heartbroken. I’ve seen them twice now as openers, and I would really like to see a show that’s just them. Festival would be cool too. And SXSW is hella expensive and not gonna happen this year.


Thank you Susie for getting me into this band by proxy. They’re great. And again, SXSW has foiled me. But they aren’t going to be at Coachella, so it would be logical to hit up Sasquatch, even though they have a Seattle show like 2 weeks before Sasquatch.


I’m pretty sure this isn’t happening because May is when Thomas’ baby is due, but it would phenomenal to see them again, because they’re Phenomenal.


I haven’t gotten to see them yet, and they have a new album coming out this year, so it would be only fitting. And there’s a break in the tour schedule that would naturally fit Sasquatch.


Twenty. Freaking. Minutes. At Deck the Hall Ball, and I got sucky pictures of them, so I’d love to have a second chance at shooting them. And have more time with them than twenty minutes. Seriously.


New album this year. Sasquatch is just your crowd guys. Come on.


How great would they be in the Rumpus Room?


I have no idea who mentioned the possibility of Panda, because AnCo was there last year, so it most likely won’t happen. But hey, you can dream, right?

I can’t think if any other bands that would blow my mind right now that have any possibility of going, but it hopefully I will get a nice surprise tomorrow night.


❤ Abby

I shouldn’t have titled the last post the way I did.

7 Feb

Because that title belongs to THIS POST. Oh well.

Sorry I didn’t write this yesterday, but I can’t for the life of me remember why I didn’t besides the fact that I was editing pictures a lot, making pie crust, roasting bananas and sweet potatoes, and putting it all together to make a pie. It took most of the afternoon. I forgot the half stick of butter in the filling, but it’s beautiful and tasty just the same.

See? Tasty.

But I didn’t actually post this blog because of pie. No, I saw Editors (NO ‘THE’) on friday. Hells yes.

After an incredibly long day in Olympia meeting with senators and taking photos of our student government being all government-y, and missing the rally that we originally went for (balls!), Lindsay and I left Tacoma at about 6:10, and surprisingly, we made it to Seattle in…40 minutes. On a FRIDAY. It was a sign. Things would be going our way the rest of the night. And when we got to the Showbox, there was parking, and we had plenty of time to kill before getting in line – seeing that the line was hella short. We went over to a Starbucks, merely because we both had to pee, and chillaxed for about 20 minutes before walking back to the line. Soon after, this girl sporting a wicked awesome jacket with an all-over newspaper pattern got in line behind us. Her name was Kathryn, and she’d trekked up to Seattle from Portland to see Editors because Portland wasn’t on their list of tour dates. That always sucks. We soon got to talking, which made the wait in line so much better, and we found out that she’d painted an oil painting of Tom and was planning on giving it to him that night.

Yeah, pretty badass, right?

Kathryn was quite the character, talking about Tom’s face and Chris’s face, but in a way most people wouldn’t mention. She even asked me after I told her I wrote and took photos for a music blog, “if I give you my email address, could you send me the bad pictures?”


“I could paint them.”

“Oh, yeah.”

It was funny.

Once we got into the venue, Lindsay, Kathryn and I got up close and personal with the stage, and it was pleasant wait until the obnoxious teens behind up decided to sit on the floor, inhibiting me from moving. And to make matters worse, they were all touchy feely couples that wouldn’t get off of each other. Yeah, blech. AND, there were these girls standing right off the side of us that were obviously drinking. They spilled all their shit all over the floor, and Kathryn didn’t want to slip on anything so she picked up their bottles and went to go throw them away. Unfortunately a security guard saw and came up to Lindsay and I asking if Kathryn had been drinking. Having been standing with her the entire time, we obviously told him no, and a few minutes later Kathryn came back into the crowd. It was weird, because last week a similar thing happened at a completely different juncture where someone questioned whether or not people I was with had been drinking. I swear to god if someone accuses me of being drunk, I’m just going to stare at them and be like, “do I look like I went to the hospital? Do I look dead?” Sure, I’d be being hyperbolic, but so what? Anyway, that was quite tangential.

The show was absolutely amazing. The first opening band was kind of forgettable, the second wasn’t bad, kinda liked them, but since friday I haven’t stopped listening to An End Has A Start and In This Light and On This Evening. Jesus christ those titles are long. It’s getting kind of tedious to type. But I already posted a draft of my review on Popwreckoning, so it should be up by tomorrow.

It’s like Editors is a completely new band to me. It was that great. Tom is all sexy crazy on stage, teetering on his feet and grasping at the mic, and Chris is just… *phwoar.* Sadly enough I didn’t get that many good ones of Chris because I was standing in the front middle by Tom until right before I couldn’t take pictures anymore. But I do like this one. I like it in black and white, cause before it was REALLY red. The lighting was quite saturated that night, but it was still way better than last week’s Cribs show.

This one’s a little soft, but I like it. It was one of my first shots during the first song – the title track from their last album.

Tom is so much fun to shoot, because he is so charismatic on stage. When you hear Editors, you expect the frontman to stand in one place and not jump on the piano (he didn’t do that on friday, but I’ve been told he does periodically).

Some chicks behind me after I moved to take pictures of Chris got in a girl fight. Well, a little one, but it was still feisty and loud. No eye-gouging or hair-pulling, but their was a shove, and then the obnoxious chicks rolled their eyes and kept acting like idiots.

I LOVE Chris’s Rickenbacker. It’s real similar to Chris Walla’s red one, but black. I want it. And I want to learn how to play a synth. That would be pretty cool, because you could make so many different noises with one soundboard. A Moog to be exact. That would be swell. If I could play a synthesizer, I’d feel like one cool jive turkey.


After an hour and 45 minutes worth of fabulous tunage, including the encore, we tried to grab the set list, but sadly someone else snagged it before us. We went outside and stood by my car to wait and see if Editors were going to come outside. I called mom, and she told me that we HAD to leave by 12:30, seeing that we didn’t get home until almost 2:30 when we saw Phoenix and she flipped out. I was completely ready to not listen to her and wait as long as I could with Lindsay and Kathryn to meet them. Besides, it was only right, because I didn’t want to leave Kathryn out there waiting by herself before she walked to Cornish to stay with her friend for the night. Not that Pike Place is sketchy, but it’s more fun to meet bands when you aren’t by yourself.

Thankfully, at just about 12:30, Chris, Tom, Russell and Ed walked around the corner in the parking lot. Being a little shocked at how sudden it happened, Lindsay and I sat at my car for a couple minutes while Kathryn waltzed right up to them and gave Tom her painting. Linds and I felt kinda like creepers for a bit, but then we walked over and asked Kathryn wanted me to take her picture with them.

Then that opened up the conversation and made it less awkward. After a short bit of introductions, I asked if they liked Seattle, and Ed and Russell mentioned that they’d been up to Capital Hill for a sandwich and coffee. They couldn’t remember where, so Lindsay said something about Starbucks, and they said something about how you can’t go to Starbucks because they’re everywhere. Then Lindsay said something about being embarrassed, and Chris was like, “well I’m holding a jug of milk, so you can’t be that embarrassed” (but in his wonderful Nottingham accent. Tom’s got the sexy singing voice and Chris has the sexy speaking voice. Le sigh.) Ed had a box of Flax cereal too, which was possibly the most random thing ever. We thanked them immensely for coming to Seattle, and said our goodbyes, making sure not to get all fangirly walking back to my car. That lasted until after we hugged Kathryn goodbye and got in my car. Then we went a little nuts with excitement.

I mean, last week I brought Andrea to her first show, and this week I was with Lindsay when she met her first band. Sure, I’ve only met Phoenix before Editors, but it’s still heartwarming to know that I helped them do that.

Well, I’m off to do homework. If you’d like to see the rest of my pictures from the show, go HERE

❤ Abby

in this light and on this evening

1 Feb

I didn’t go to class today because I’m downloading Man Who Shot Liberty Valance…cause that’s all we were doing in film studies today – watching a film. I figured if I could avoid driving over the bridge and paying the toll and taking 4 hours out of the middle of my day when I had a fuckton of other stuff to do – I’d do it.

Oh, right…I need to talk about the Cribs show on saturday!!!!!

^^^That’s a photo of Jemina Pearl, the opener, that I took saturday.^^^

But no, it was so great to able to bring Andrea to her first show. Like, official show. Seriously, the last concert she went to was the Creation Music Festival 3 years ago. Yeah. So this was pretty cool. We arrived in the cold, slightly wet weather and stood in line outside the Showbox, and surprisingly there was barely a line yet. We got a good spot in line. And it turned out to be the most serendipitous spot in line too. The security guard came out to tell everyone the policy on cameras, and these kids standing in front of us glanced at my crumpler and was like, “do you think they’re going to let you bring that in? It’s a pretty legit camera bag.”

I replied with, “oh, I have a photo pass waiting for me in there.”

And their eyes got all wide like, “HOLY CRAP THAT’S SO COOL.”

I felt so cool.

“How’d you get to do that?”
“I write for this online music blog called Popwreckoning.”
“How’d you get writing for them?”
“I saw an ad on Craigslist.”
And they laughed.
“Yeah, I just sent them some of my writing samples, a general idea of what I listen to, and some pictures I’ve taken, and they brought me on. Actually, last month I got to shoot Deck the Hall Ball (I included this because I’d overheard them talking about Muse at DTHB before).”
“That’s so awesome. I’m jealous.”
Muttering to themselves“I wonder if we could get cool passes like that for our school paper…that’d be cool.”
“What school do you guys go to?” (Thinking they were like freshmen at UW or SU).
“Gig Harbor.”
“Really? Oh my god.”
“We’re from Gig Harbor, we went to Peninsula. That’s hilarious. So you guys work on the Sound?”
“No, but we have friends that do.”

And I can’t remember exactly how the rest of the conversation went, I think the tall guy asked about my camera, I showed him my 50mm, and he said he had the same one. It was cool. And I was an idiot not to ask their names or give them mine. Or be like, “hey you should go to in the next couple days and my pictures and a review will be up there.” Dumbass. But it was funny.

Once we got in, the venue still did not crowd up really at all until halfway through Jemina Pearl. And still, most people were at the bar. I’d say 2/3 of the people were there because they really liked the Cribs, and 1/3, who were much older, were there just to see Johnny Marr.

Yes, Johnny Freaking Marr. This was one of my favorite shots of the night. But I had to brighten the shit out of my pictures because it was so damn dark for the first three songs. The lighting got better though, after I shut my camera off. Balls. But overall, I was satisfied with my pictures, and even more satisfied with the show. I swear to god Gary and Ryan Jarman have the coolest Yorkshire accents. I like them.

Like this, but older and male.

Anyway, it was awesome. All these teenagers up front were thrashing around, where Andrea and I escaped it after I was done taking photos. But we still have a perfect vantage point to see Johnny Marr, and Ryan and Gary. It’s kinda crazy, because they’re twins, but Gary is way more attractive. Andrea thought so too.

Here are some more pics.

I still need to go write my review for Popwreckoning, cause I haven’t done that yet.

❤ Abby


24 Jan

Yeah…I’ve fallen into that habit again. I don’t even know what’s due tomorrow besides what we have to post on the discussion board for Gorbman’s class. That shouldn’t be so bad, as it’s just about the readings we had and Red River. John Wayne wasn’t nearly as charming in this film, I’ll tell ya. What else do I have to do? Damnit. I had to have my annotated bibliography for Beaufort’s class. I should email He Is We if I’m actually going to do a feature on them. And I have to write up my proposal. Crap. But this has been a busy weekend. My IV infusion on friday that took most of the day, then I was all sloshy and tired for the rest of the day. We did get to hear some new WAS from videos from Philly though, which was a nice surprise this weekend. And yesterday we went to a wedding then one of the most amazing shows EVER.

Yes my friends, Phoenix. And this was one of my favorite shots of the night. So glorious. (No more epic, epic is going away.)

But last night was so good in so many ways, that the one bad thing doesn’t even matter. Turns out that the Showbox people like to pack SoDo full to the brim (excuse the cliche)…wait, no…the venue gets so congested it’s like before they built the second Narrows Bridge. There, no cliche. And because of this, it’s the first time I’ve gotten claustrophobic at a show since…well since Franz at Bumbershoot, but at least this time I didn’t get clobbered in the head. Thank goodness I went to the show on an empty stomache, or else I could have possibly vomited…but no matter.

Another of the good ones.

The opening band wasn’t bad, actually Soft Pack was pretty good. I’ll have to get some more of their stuff other than the Spin Magazine’s 2010 sampler. I didn’t get that many great pictures of them, at least of more than the lead guitarist, cause there was this dude standing in front of the me with the most obnoxious hair I’ve ever seen at a show. At least pull it in a ponytail, man. Be considerate. Actually, this girl standing next to me said at one point, “you’re tall, why do you need to stand in the front? You can see from back there,” speaking to no one in particular of course, but I responded with, “tell me about it,” and tried to lift my camera up over his mountainous glob of hair. The other guy standing in front of me was nice enough to lean over when I tried to get a good shot, which was helpful.

However, the hair mountain man did provide me with one of the best moments of the night. Honestly. After I’d politely asked to stand in front of him after Jenna brought me my photo pass, and we were waiting for Phoenix to go on, he shouted – I’m not kidding – “come on, allons-y!”

Seriously. I was so struck by it that I didn’t even think to turn around and give him kudos on his Doctor Who reference. But after I thought about it, I realized…oh, they’d even understand that without the Doctor Who reference, because it’s it French. Har-dee-har. I’m kinda slow that way.

I kinda like the soft focus on this one.

Okay, so the show was amazing, which was fully expected. I’m going to avoid seeing huge buzz bands at SoDo from now on, because I don’t want to be that claustrophobic again. But I can say that I’ve been to both Showboxes now. The parking for SoDo was 1/3 of the price of parking by the Market, but the Market is a far superior venue, easier to get to, and has prettier lighting.

However, THIS WAS THE BEST PART. As soon as the ridiculously long encore, Libby and I went to go find Renee and Jennifer, both of whom were standing right in the front row, not to far from me actually once I pushed my way up. I was so nice to see both of them again, as it almost made me stay and wait to meet the band. I feel like if they hadn’t been there, I would have been too much of a wimp and left. But I didn’t. I wasn’t a wimp. It was quite freezing outside, but I don’t tend to get cold, so I provided Libby’s warmth while we waited for Christian, Branco, Thomas and Deck. And I’ll take a picture of my pass with all their autographs here pretty soon and update this post, as soon as I accomplish some homework today. But here’s one of the shots I took of Renee, Jenn, Libby and Thomas.

We met ALL of them. Well, Jenn and Renee had met them several times before, but I finally did. I finally broke through that wall and don’t have to worry about it anymore. I’m sure it’s going to be much easier now for me.

Christian was so darn sweet. When I held up my pass for him to sign, he pointed to it and was like, “oh, you take photos?”


“Are your photos good?”

“I was pretty happy with them.”

Or something like that.

And it was quite funny when we were standing in the freezing cold, everyone but Branco had come outside to meet people. Renee saw Christian upstairs through a window and he glanced outside, she looked up and pointed down, gesturing them to come downstairs. And when he came outside for the second time with his case, he told us, “my brother is coming!” In a French accent.

I feel so accomplished right now.

ADDENDUM: My review’s been posted HERE NOW.

❤ Abby

Why Twenty-Ten is going to be better than Two-Thousand-Nine

1 Jan

Not sure why I decided to spell out the years instead of using numerals, but maybe it’s cause I’m a word person. But since it’s the first day of the new year, and new decade, I want to look forward to why this year is going to be way better than last year. I know I did a “most anticipated albums of 2010” post three weeks ago, but this will be much more inclusive, just briefly touching on how amazing music will be this year.

In no particularly order other than when I happen to think of it:

Harry Potter is back.

I can’t find an embed-able trailer, so the video is here.
I know HP6 came out in 2009, but this is the beginning of the end. And not to mention that HP71 comes out AFTER the third Twatlight movie. So Harry, Hermione and Ron get the last word of 2010. Ha. And I’m hoping that the 4th sparkly vampire fanfic isn’t coming out for awhile. It wasn’t on the actors’ contracts, after all. As of right now, it’s not listed under any IMDB profiles. It’s just too bad that it’s inevitable that they’ll get the last word after HP72 comes out. Unless the production companies are douches and decide to postpone the last HP movie if Breaking Dawn does get made within the next year or so.

I’m turning 21.

But I’m probably not inviting Morrissey to my birthday.. Yes, I will finally be able to legally drink. But that’s not the point. I don’t care to drink. If I wanted to, I would have already. But the thing is – I can’t. Well, not really. I can have a little, just to avoid being the outsider, but I have to practice self-control for my own life’s sake. The point is that I can go to places where people drink. I would be stuck at all-ages shows the latter half of this year. No venues can hold me back! I won’t have to take my sister to every show I go to. Hallelujah! And hopefully – HOPEFULLY – I’ll be at Sasquatch during my birthday, cause sunday is the 30th of May. And hopefully 1) I’ll be camping; 2) I’ll have a media pass, so I’ll only be paying for camping; 3) I’ll have people other than just my sister with me; 4) amazing bands will be playing.

So many awesome bands have albums coming out.

(Thanks to Adrian at the WAS board for finding this.)
I only posted one photo, because this is the most important release of the year. And perhaps one of the most important albums of my life. For one thing – from what I’ve heard of it, We Are Scientists’ new album is going to be AMAZING. And for another – I now have access to music like I never have before. And for one last thing – I may finally get to meet them this year.

In fact, that should be its own reason for why 2010 is going to kick ass. I’ll add that in a sec after I’m done talking about the other albums I’m anxiously biting my fingernails waiting for.

Where was I? Oh – Spoon, Vampire Weekend, Motion City, Morning Benders, Interpol, Frightened Rabbit, The Strokes, MGMT, Panda Bear, Arcade Fire, and possibly Sufjan. Jesus Christ.



I might meet Keith and Chris

Yes, it’s a might. But even the prospect of meeting these two men make this year so much better than 2009. I’m pretty sure my life would be pretty damn close to complete if I got to see WAS this year in Seattle and meet Chris and Keith. Well, I still have to finish school, find a paying job, get health insurance, my own place, and married. But other than that – I’d be content with my accomplishments.

More good things to come with Popwreckoning

Remember this? ^^^
Well, more of this ^^^ is coming. And quite possibly this ^^^ for more publications. Since I now have a resume, and a growing portfolio, I can get access to more awesome perks for frequent show-goers. More albums equals more reviews equals more readers equals more exposure equals awesome. More shows equals more photos and more networking equals more exposure equals – again – AWESOME. The one thing that I’d sad about this year is that I have no money – so no SXSW. I have access to SXSW, but alas, airfare and hotel fare – how you thwart my happiness, damnit.

I’ll be starting senior year in the fall.

The idea of finishing college scares the hell out of me, but as I get closer, it’s getting more exciting thinking about it. If we can just get this universal healthcare taken of, I’ll be set. I’m getting sick of school. Honestly. It’s been close to 15 years that I’ve been a student. 15 years of school. Holy crap.

This is the first time in a long time I can say I disagree with this statement. But you gotta give it to Carles, he makes a point in this post on Hipster Runoff posted today.So funny. Love you Carles.

Goodnight. Off to view some videos on La Blogotheque’s channel on Youtube. They make beautiful videos.

Have a wonderful Twenty-Ten!

Hope you knew was a blue moon last night. Yeah, pretty crazy, huh?

♫ Yours, Abigail ♫
(new decade, new sign off)

best. week. ever.

17 Dec

But there’s only technically two weeks left of this lavish holiday, as we return for classes on… the 5th. However, my winter quarter stars on…fucking new years. Those …’s were me going and checking my Google calendar. Oh well. This week’s been goddamn amazing, and next week will surely have a lot to live up to. But Caity’s coming home, so everything will be great!

I still have yet to send my WAS-board secret santa gift. I think I’m going to have to 2-day that shit. Good thing I paid like nothing for the actual supplies, so I can pay for shipping! I’m really excited for he/she to get it, and I’m really excited to get mine. And in case you didn’t know, because you aren’t cool and haven’t joined the Sci-Cave yet, we did a giant worldwide secret santa gift exchange. I’ll be surely back with pictures once I get mine. EEEK yay.

Okay, so I didn’t come here to blabber on about WAS, but I would gladly do that any way.



So I updated the other day with the news that I’d acquired a photo pass, but I haven’t told you about the show. I posted my show review here: POPWRECKONING. BUT THERE’S SO MUCH MORE TO TELL THAT’S IRRELEVANT TO THE MUSIC.

Laura and I left late, because I’m an idiot. My GPS took on the wonkiest route I could have imagined. We almost got stuck on a slippery hill where another car was stalled. That was kinda scary. We found the ridiculous parking at Qwest field, which Laura paid for (thanks love), and who parked right next to us? Why it was Anna! Anna, whom I haven’t seen in like a gazillion years, who I went to high school with. Huge coincidence. And a nice surprise, then Laura had someone to hang out with until we found Joe. Cause, uh, I had to go wait with all the other rocktographers by the pit. Good lord that sounds cool. I’m not trying to flaunt how awesome this is, really I’m not, but IT’S SO AWESOME. Have you ever had one of those really really REALLY exciting moments that you couldn’t help but tell everyone? I got that way when I started writing freelance for the Gateway (blech), then when I got on the Ledger, then when I started writing for Popwreckoning, then when I got my first guest list spot to the Lonely Forest a few weeks ago. BUT THIS WAS SO MUCH BETTER. I had a lanyard and everything. It wasn’t like being able to bring my camera into a little indie rock show at a tiny venue in Seattle. No, this was one of the biggest shows in Seattle. It sold out in a day. ONE DAY. And me – little ‘ol 20-year-old me – got to be one of those people who calmly file in and out of the pit and take pretty pictures while the sweaty, dehydrated fans battle it out in the mosh pit, losing earrings and being inadvertently felt up my dozens of people.

Needless to say, I was frickin’ intimidated. As soon as Andrew walked me over to where the other photographers were, I felt so miniscule. Them and their huge-ass telephoto lens and fancy camera bags, and me and my borrowed Ledger camera bag and ‘lil 50mm lens. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love my 50mm, but next to the ginormous lenses being hauled around me, it looked sad. And to my disdain, Vampire Weekend had way too much smoke machine during their act. Since we only got to shoot for the first three songs, and they were the first band I shot, I got too anxious to switch out my lens for the my 28-135mm. So those pictures turned out kinda crappy. Even processing wouldn’t help them, because the smoke machine hated me and wanted everything to be the same color and have no contrast. Balls. But I soon became more comfortable, switching between lenses quickly and promptly popping the element back in on my 50mm when it felt like breaking free.

BTW, Ezra Koenig is perhaps one of the most adorable people ever. I’d be all for marrying him. And VW was damn good too. “White Sky” is my jam, and I’m super pumped for Contra in less than a month. JANUARY 12TH!

Easing my way around the pit didn’t feel all that awkward after awhile, because everyone was more professional than I am, and no one got in anybody’s way. But people still were assertive enough to get the best shots possible. It was like an unspoken language that we all shared for those short blocks of time we had in the pit. Honestly, I was more awkward waiting outside the pit before each band, because all the other photographers seemed to know eachother, and there I was, a newbie who has no other connections besides Popwreckoning. I stood by myself, looking through my pictures between each set, deleting the bad ones to save room on my card. I still only have a 2GB card, by the way. Gotta save all the room you can.

Phoenix was up next, who blew my freaking mind. I mean, oh my god. I’m so much more in love with this band than I was before. And if I don’t get a pass to the show at the Showbox SoDo next month, I will be very sad. Because it’s sold out. But in 25 minutes, Phoenix could not have used their time better. Thomas Mars even managed to crowd surf all the way to the back of the room. Then again, a waify dude like that, it would be easy. My pictures got better during there set. A few of my favorites are of Thomas, and I was so damn close. That’s the coolest part. But I guess since I’ve never met any bands still, getting that close is still pretty cool.

Metric – let me tell you – so much better live than on the album. But that could be because The End played “Help I’m Alive” more than anything else this year, most likely 5 times a day. I got some of my best pictures of the night of Emily Haines, but they had much better lighting than VW or Phoenix before them, so it was easier. She’s so hardcore and sexy at the same time. And “Stadium Love” was an awesome song to close on. She had on this cool sparkly dress and a shaggy dog ‘do, and I wish I was as cool as she is.

Sadly enough, all three of the openers had half hour or less to play, which was bullshit, because they were just as good, IF NOT BETTER (COUGH PHOENIX COUGH) than the closers.

At this point, I needed water. But I didn’t know how long the intermission before 30 Seconds to Mars would be. So I waited. And when they came on, holy shit people got excited. Even though 30 Seconds to Mars was the odd band out in this giant lineup of awesomeness, they didn’t seem to care. Jared Leto (swoon) treated everyone in the room like they were there to see strictly 30 Seconds to Mars. He got a spotlight any everything. No one else got a spotlight. Good lord he loves his fans. Almost in a needy way. But this where the pit got even more interesting, almost dangerous. At the beginning of their set, Jared shouted at the crowd “Let’s see how many fucking people we can get to crowd surf at the same time!” Great, thanks dude. So people crowd surfed. I swear, every time I turned around a security guard was picking another tiny teenage girl on the verge of passing out or a 15-year-old frat wannabe. I’m never crowd-surfing in my life. I’d prefer not to have people’s hands all over my ass. About halfway through our time in the pit for 30STM, Jared decided he wanted to get EVEN CLOSER to the crowd, so he jumped off the stage into the pit, knocked into me, and climbed up on the barricade while a security guard held him down safe from insane fans. I know I kind of passed over this in that last sentence, but Jared Leto ran into me, practically fell on me in the chaotic moment he created. Really. Not sure if I have super powers because of it, but it was still pretty cool. And I got one of my favorite shots of the night out of it.

Yeah, it’s sweet.

And I was the only one who got this shot, because I was standing right there. The other photographers frantically got around me after he jumped in, but I was the only one who got THIS shot. I’m super proud of it.

After 30STM, I needed air and water, so I went out into the lobby. And I’m not sure who this was, but I knew he was a photographer, as he was toting around his telephoto. But I was sitting against the wall with my glass of water, lanyard around my neck, and going through my pictures so far. I looked up really quickly, but he just looked at my camera, and nodded and smiled.

Weird, but cool at the same time. Again, with this unspoken language. So crazy. I’m just kind of upset I didn’t introduce myself to any of the other photographers officially. Oh well, there will be plenty more chances for that. PLENTY MORE. And it’s still early. I’m only 20, you know.

Then came Muse, the band that we all technically came to see. It took way too freaking long for them to get on stage. Seriously, I was standing in the pit, listening to remixed Animal Collective and Ladyhawke for ten minutes. Great house music, but I wanted Muse, DAMNIT! Finally, Matt, Chris and Dom got on stage. And it was epic. That’s the only word I can use to describe it. No, wait, I’m going to look for a better synonym for epic…GLORIOUS. It as GLORIOUS. Yes, I’m going to use that from now on. Muse was the one act that I regretted not having more time to shoot. I got some good ones, but there were opportunities for better ones. Matt had this crazy huge mic that got in the way of his face in so many pictures that would have otherwise been excellent. Oh well. I got to enjoy the rest of their hour-long set after I finished taking pictures, and I went to find Laura. Apparently, she and Joe had been pushed to the barricade, and Laura was lifted out by a security guard. And apparently Joe was right behind me when I got this shot of Matt.

Another of my favs of the night. Muse was magnificent. And the closing song, a crazy spaghetti western-style “Knights of Cydonia,” complete with harmonica, could not have been a better way to end the show. Seriously.

Getting out of the parking lot was fucking insane. People are douchebags when it comes to backing out of parking spaces. There was this tiny car full of dudes that literally squeezed their way in between the van in front of me and my Nissan. And I wasn’t going to let them go. But they thought otherwise. Oh well, Laura and I played “Hot Fuss” really loud because I didn’t bring my ipod. I forgot how much I love that album.

Oh, here are a few more of my favorite shots. They’re so LEGITIMATE! (I’m not saying legit).

❤ Abby