Rules don’t stop me, forget about it

8 Mar

I’ll start off by saying-


Keith’s looking PRETTY fine lately. Gah I need WAS so badly.


It’s been….shit I don’t even know how many days it’s been since I last posted because of February’s fucked up 28-day month. Anyways, last week I went to a show after requesting press passes like the day before. Cutting it really close. But the pic ^^^^ up there is of John Van Deusen of the Lonely Forest. I got some REALLY good shots of him, and it didn’t hurt that I had the best view of him.

But it was at Neumos. Such a weird experience going up there for the first time since seeing WAS in July of 2008. I’ve driven by it a gazillion times, but I haven’t gone to a show there since. That could be because all the good shows at Neumos lately have been 21+. Only 3 more months and I’ll be free to go to any shows I want to! YES! ‘Twas a good show though. As I was waiting up front for my photo pass, I introduced myself to Alex, another photographer whom I’ve seen at a couple other shows. He has a wicked sweet camera, hella expensive, but it has 21 MEGAPIXELS, AND HD VIDEO. It’s the Canon 5D Mark II. I’ve been salivating over it for bit, but I know I don’t need it, and I can’t afford it. But the 5D Mark I is within reach, as the Mark II replaced it, so you can get good deals on Ebay. I found one for under $1000 the other day, and they retail at $2500-ish. I know, GOOD LORD. But I felt so accomplished after leaving Neumos that night because a.) I got sweet pics, and b.) I finally met another Seattle photog.

As far as after Tuesday, I’ve been busy as all hell. School, Ledger, and now I’m sick. Great. A week before finals and I get sick. AND IT SNOWED TODAY. March 8th, and it’s snowing. Way to go weather.

I want spring break. Right now. I’m way too ready for winter quarter to be over, because Beaufort’s class is driving me absolutely bonkers. I did write my final revision of one of my papers today, which will hopefully give me a good grade. I’m totally gonna lie in my cover memo and say I cried when I wrote it. Beaufort will eat that shit up.

Okay, I’m done now. Watching Signs. And my tasty tasty pork roast.

❤ Abby

4 Responses to “Rules don’t stop me, forget about it”

  1. Amber 03/08/2010 at 9:00 pm #

    Yeah, Keith’s looking particularly edible these days–as if he ever is not, though! GAH. I srsly don’t know how someone can be that freaking amazing to look at/listen to/*COUGH*. ANYWAYS…

    Its great that you met another Seattle photog and that he was nice! As you know I have had issues with that in SF, though I definitely have met some nice people too. ^__^ And personally? I think the HD video in the 5D mk II is overrated. I’d rather use a video camera–or even the great video capabilities in my point & shoot, which can shoot half an hour of video at a time–than complicate my DSLR with video. But I have found this is not a popular viewpoint, so I understand if that is how you feel also 😛


  2. abbigshmail 03/08/2010 at 9:16 pm #

    I haven’t seen any videos from the 5D, but I have seen video from Nikon’s D90, which is pretty ace with low depth of field. But I like my video camera too.

  3. erin 03/11/2010 at 10:10 pm #

    somehow I always end up going to shows at Neumos, even though I actually dislike the venue itself cos it’s just really… dark? I dunno. but it’s nice that all-ages is RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE.

    and that they book people like WAS.

    and then on down the spectrum of “people you can book at a venue” from Oh No! Oh My! to Say Hi To Your Mom to Harry and the Potters to Stella to Tim & Eric.


    • erin 03/11/2010 at 10:11 pm #

      I somehow keep accidentally posting my website as a link to a specific blog entry I once wrote… gah.

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