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in this light and on this evening

1 Feb

I didn’t go to class today because I’m downloading Man Who Shot Liberty Valance…cause that’s all we were doing in film studies today – watching a film. I figured if I could avoid driving over the bridge and paying the toll and taking 4 hours out of the middle of my day when I had a fuckton of other stuff to do – I’d do it.

Oh, right…I need to talk about the Cribs show on saturday!!!!!

^^^That’s a photo of Jemina Pearl, the opener, that I took saturday.^^^

But no, it was so great to able to bring Andrea to her first show. Like, official show. Seriously, the last concert she went to was the Creation Music Festival 3 years ago. Yeah. So this was pretty cool. We arrived in the cold, slightly wet weather and stood in line outside the Showbox, and surprisingly there was barely a line yet. We got a good spot in line. And it turned out to be the most serendipitous spot in line too. The security guard came out to tell everyone the policy on cameras, and these kids standing in front of us glanced at my crumpler and was like, “do you think they’re going to let you bring that in? It’s a pretty legit camera bag.”

I replied with, “oh, I have a photo pass waiting for me in there.”

And their eyes got all wide like, “HOLY CRAP THAT’S SO COOL.”

I felt so cool.

“How’d you get to do that?”
“I write for this online music blog called Popwreckoning.”
“How’d you get writing for them?”
“I saw an ad on Craigslist.”
And they laughed.
“Yeah, I just sent them some of my writing samples, a general idea of what I listen to, and some pictures I’ve taken, and they brought me on. Actually, last month I got to shoot Deck the Hall Ball (I included this because I’d overheard them talking about Muse at DTHB before).”
“That’s so awesome. I’m jealous.”
Muttering to themselves“I wonder if we could get cool passes like that for our school paper…that’d be cool.”
“What school do you guys go to?” (Thinking they were like freshmen at UW or SU).
“Gig Harbor.”
“Really? Oh my god.”
“We’re from Gig Harbor, we went to Peninsula. That’s hilarious. So you guys work on the Sound?”
“No, but we have friends that do.”

And I can’t remember exactly how the rest of the conversation went, I think the tall guy asked about my camera, I showed him my 50mm, and he said he had the same one. It was cool. And I was an idiot not to ask their names or give them mine. Or be like, “hey you should go to in the next couple days and my pictures and a review will be up there.” Dumbass. But it was funny.

Once we got in, the venue still did not crowd up really at all until halfway through Jemina Pearl. And still, most people were at the bar. I’d say 2/3 of the people were there because they really liked the Cribs, and 1/3, who were much older, were there just to see Johnny Marr.

Yes, Johnny Freaking Marr. This was one of my favorite shots of the night. But I had to brighten the shit out of my pictures because it was so damn dark for the first three songs. The lighting got better though, after I shut my camera off. Balls. But overall, I was satisfied with my pictures, and even more satisfied with the show. I swear to god Gary and Ryan Jarman have the coolest Yorkshire accents. I like them.

Like this, but older and male.

Anyway, it was awesome. All these teenagers up front were thrashing around, where Andrea and I escaped it after I was done taking photos. But we still have a perfect vantage point to see Johnny Marr, and Ryan and Gary. It’s kinda crazy, because they’re twins, but Gary is way more attractive. Andrea thought so too.

Here are some more pics.

I still need to go write my review for Popwreckoning, cause I haven’t done that yet.

❤ Abby