oh my god you guys

25 Feb

“Rules Don’t Stop” is so fucking good.

I’ve said this in multiple places by now, but seriously. It’s so good. I’m way more excited for Barbara than I think I ever was for Brain Thrust Mastery. No lie.

I’ve listened to it a good 60+ times by now. I just kept pushing repeat on my iPod earlier. But it’s kind of awkward because my jeans don’t have front pockets, just back pockets, so every 2 minutes I’d press a button on my ass. Yeeaaaaaah.

The song needs to be longer. Way longer. Like 10 minutes. Or I need all of Barbara right now. It was the craziest thing. I was getting ready to go to school yesterday, and I had my computer logged into iPlayer to listen to Zane Lowe’s radio show, completely pessimistic from the two previous days of FAILURE. It was 11:20-ish. I was seriously going to get in my car and head to school, BUT THEN ZANE SAID IT. “We Are Scientists’ new song coming up.”


So I sat on my bed, listening to Zane’s ridiculously long intro, playing “After Hours” or “Nobody Move” or something else in the background while saying random things that we as WAS fans already knew. And then the opening riff came on.

And I screamed like a crazy person. My door was closed, mind you, and mom came in thinking that I saw a rat, or I stepped on a pushpin, or I dropped my computer and it broke in two. But no, I was hearing the actual recording of WAS’s actual song from their actual new CD Barbara. It was so exciting that my heartbeat got all fluttery and I acted like even more of a crazy person, dancing around my room, shouting and pumping my fists into the air like Pauly D. No lie.

I love this song like Keith loves Andy.

Like Keith and Chris love Danny North.

Like Tapper loves Chris (Urb).

Fuck, like Carl and Pete USED to love eachother.

I’m off to listen to it another 60 more times.


❤ Abby


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