Nine days? Wow.

10 Jan

This is possibly the longest I’ve gone without writing a new blog in quite a long time. It’s the tenth day of 2010. 1/10/2010.

There’s much to discuss – but I’ll just list a few that have been of note in the last week.

1. Classes started.
2. I have two hippie teachers.
3. One of which tells us about drug trips and playing clubs in the 60s. He’d pretty badass.
4. I didn’t get into TV Criticism. *FACEPALM*
5. Spoon’s new album leaked, and I was clever enough to find the direct source of the leak. *Laughs maniacally*
6. It’s amazing.
7. I’ve been on a Doctor Who marathon for the last few days, because I miss Tennant. Ten was the best Doctor.

8. Oh, and Laura's moving to New Jersey in less than a week. Well, fuck.
9. I almost had a nervous breakdown yesterday when I found out.
10. But I have wonderful friends who keep me sane, even if they can sometimes be the cause of my insanity.

What else?


NBC sucks. Like, a lot. They just can't give up this stupid chin.

Jay Leno is getting his time slot back because NBC realized that Leno at 10 would never work. But this also means that Conan’s Tonight Show will be moved back to 12:05. Wouldn’t it be the Tomorrow Show then? Anyway, there’s always the possibility of Conan losing his gig, which would suck even worse. Cause Conan is way funnier than Jay.


Except I’m not yelling at John Barrowman, more like ZUCKER!

Sorry, I’ve been fangirling about Doctor Who and David Tennant ALL WEEK.

See? I drew a TARDIS on my notebook for Creative Non Fiction.

But there will be one good thing to come from Jay leaving 10 p.m., NBC will be speeding up the process of getting the pilot of Tennant’s new show “Rex Is Not Your Lawyer” out there. Stupid title, I know. But this man belongs on television. Preferably UK television, but I’ll take what I can get. Maybe people will go as apeshit over him as they did Hugh Laurie. I doubt it, but here’s hoping.

Ugh. I have homework to do. But I thought I’d have a quick update, since Harry Potter has been in my home screen for over a week, which isn’t bad, but it was getting old.

Crap, gotta fill out my major declaration form.

♫ Yours, Abigail ♫


One Response to “Nine days? Wow.”

  1. Viktoria 10/10/2010 at 8:23 am #

    Ten WAS the best Doctor. Ever. Period.

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