More news of the good nature

20 Nov

I also got a spot on the guest list for another gig in Seattle, this one on 11/27 at the Showbox at the Market. Featuring these bands:

The Lonely Forest


The Globes

The Showbox at the Market. November 27th. $10 advance, $12 DOS. Be there or be square. I will be. For free, with my photo passes BITCHES!

And btw, I did get a +1 for the Rooney/Tally Hall/Crash Kings show, so that’s another good thing that happened in the last couple days. I finally got the contact information for Deck the Hall Ball, so hopefully *crosses fingers* he gets back to me soon about a possible list spot. Good god that would be awesome. I’m pretty sure I’d piss my pants if that happened.


And 107.7 The End is doing more Deck tix giveaways this week at 9am, 2pm, and 5pm every day starting monday morning. Cause by now, you know that the tickets are sold out. Sadly enough. But come on, it’s Muse. I would be disgusted if it hadn’t sold out as quickly as it did.

Mkay, that’s all I had to say. I was thinking of going to see Brandi Carlile tomorrow night at a free in-store at Easy Street, but I have far too much to do and I didn’t feel like braving the ridiculous friday afternoon rush hour. And two shows within a week’s time is pretty good for me.

Off to listen to brain-orgasm-inducing live recordings of Animal Collective I acquired two days ago. God I love them. If you haven’t noticed that already.

❤ Abby


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