Guess what, y’all?

16 Nov

I got a spot on the guest list for a show featuring:


Tally Hall

Crash Kings

I know it’s not that special considering all the guest spots my fellow PopWreckers have acquired, but this feels pretty damn cool.

I am finally legit. Hells yeah.

El Corazon, Wednesday, Dec. 2. $13 in advance, $15 DOS. Be there. It’ll rock. And I’m ON THE LIST.


Oh happy monday.

And there's a chance a certain member of a certain band I like will be at the show too. And that would be awesome. That would be the coolest thing EVER. I'm just glad that it's the week BEFORE finals. And Deck the Hall Ball is the week AFTER finals. December is going to be the greatest month ever.

No wait, December through March will be the best FOUR months ever. Dec – awesome shows, christmas, winter break. Jan – new Spoon record, still winter break. Feb – NEW FUCKING WE ARE SCIENTISTS RECORD. Mar – spring break, new Frightened Rabbit record. April will probably suck, but May will be better (21st!)

Alright, off to do homework. Woot for waiting until the last day of the weekend to finish homework!

❤ Abby


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