I miss Skins. :(

23 Oct

With all my television shows on the air now – trust me, there are a lot – there is still one show that I wished lasted longer than 10 episodes.

Remember this bunch?

Then last year’s all-new cast?

Well, Skins is coming back for a 4th series in January. Thank god. But E4 would be dense if they didn’t bring back the ultimate guilty pleasure. I mean, come on. I’d so much prefer the promiscuous bunch from Bristol than the NY socialite bitches on Gossip Girl. Today, I had such a hankerin’ for some Skins, I searched the Wiki to see if there was any new info on series 4. Not much since the photo surfaced from a few weeks ago, but I did find this lil’ tidbit:

In May 2009, E4 confirmed that Film4 and Company Pictures are in “preliminary talks” about a movie spin-off.[7] It is unknown which of the cast members would be featured, or where the film will fit in the show’s continuity, leading to a possibility that both generations of characters will meet. A novel is also being produced and set to be released January 7, 2010. The novel will take place in between Series 3 and Series 4.[8][9] MTV announced they will adapt Skins to American television. The U.S. version will be filmed in Baltimore with an unknown cast, despite the already-negative attitude towards a remake.[4]

Okay, it’s not a “lil'” tidbit, but it’s a big fucking pile of NO. Well, the movie spin-off wouldn’t be a bad idea, because I miss Maxxie and Anwar and Tony and Sid, but MTV, why must you destroy everything? And plus, the FCC would never let MTV get away with anything remotely close to Skins. And with how goddamn PC this country is and how sheltered people like their children nowadays, it just wouldn’t be good. No, Skins. Don’t give up the format. DON’T DO IT. If American television had the balls, they’d just import the show. Not try to take everything cool away from it and Americanize it.

But I’m upset that series 4 will only have 8 episodes. Really? 8 episodes? Balls.

Hoping the Inbetweeners come back too. That show was funny. A nice comic relief after the heavy drama of Skins. Oh well, I’m just SUPER EXCITED that WAS is having their own television show in the UK. How sick is that? TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS IN ONE – I THINK I’M GONNA E’SPLODE!

❤ Abby


One Response to “I miss Skins. :(”

  1. mpagasas 10/20/2011 at 1:59 am #

    i miss skins too :(………

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