Totally just realized something.

18 Oct

Not only will January 1st be the start of a new year this year, but the start of the new DECADE!

Holy crap. I’ve lived through two DECADES. That’s weird. Because I watch all those “I Love the (INSERT DECADE HERE)” on VH1, and it’s weird to think that I lived through two of those. Well, not the 70s or 80s, but after that.

That got me thinking. I need to make a list of the top albums of the decade along with the top albums of the year. Holy crap that will be hard. I’ll have to start planning for that. I was listening to Funeral by Arcade Fire earlier, and I wanted to hit myself because I just got it yesterday for some god-awful reason. Five years after it was first released. I mean, it’s Arcade Fire. How did I not own this album before now? So confused with myself right now. But if you have any major suggestions of what albums I absolutely can’t leave out, let me know. I wouldn’t want to upset anyone. And these will be strictly on a critical basis, and I’ll keep my bias out.

Well, I’ll try.

Right now so far I’m thinking:

Fuck Pitchfork, I’m gonna make my own list.

❤ Abby


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