The Wreckoning of Pop!

26 Aug


These last few days have been nice. Mostly because I’ve gotten my room cleaned and my car is fixed, but there is another thing that has helped these last few days become much easier to tolerate, being bored and at home and all, before I start volunteering for Bumbershoot tomorrow.

What is that mystical reason why you’re so jolly Abby? You must tell us!


See this website:

Now go to the right side of the page, about halfway down, to the list of POPWRECKERS, underneath the editors and to the list of contributors. I, Abigail Williamson, will soon be on that list.

Yes. I’ve got myself a writing gig. It’s unpaid, which is kind of a buzz kill (or boner killer, as Libby would say) but I will be read. By more people than who reads this measly little blog, or the general population of UWT.

I’ll go through how it happened, because I just love talking about it.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through craigslist and I clicked on “GIGS” underneath jobs, hoping there would be some way for me to make money, other than dancing in a riskay way in a music video, and I stumbled upon the simple, yet enticing listing for “Music blog needs writers.”


So I clicked on it, read through the information, went to the website, and I was intrigued. Seeing that the listing was about a month old, I was a little discouraged, but I emailed the contact anyway. And I went a little overboard with the email. I linked to two articles from the Ledger this year, to this blog, and to my profile, just to show them how into music I was, and that I would be a good addition to their Popwreckoning team. My email was really long and extensive, just so I covered all my bases, giving all the information I needed, even adding the fact that I am a photographer as well, with a decent DSLR.

A week passed, and I figured the position had already been filled. Since I followed PopWreckoning on Twitter, and I’d tweeted about my hopes to join the team, they messaged me saying that if I hadn’t heard anything back, I should email the Editor-in-chief. So I did.

Another week passed, and I’d accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to get the gig, but then they messaged me again – “hello! sorry to be so tardy with a reply, but I’m in process of getting back to your email! (Josh & I like you, fyi 🙂 email to come soon!” They liked me. Holy crap. I might get the gig. Wow. Like, um…wow.

Two days ago, that email finally came. I will be writing at least four articles a month – whether they be album reviews, show recaps, features (like Remix Monday or Under Cover), or other neat things I might come up with. AND there are no deadlines. Well, just as long as I don’t take ridiculously long, there are no deadlines.

Oh, and this is the best part, besides getting my name out there as a part of something other than a school paper – we get press rights. Well, for the most part. Some shows may be more selective than others, but there is a possibility that I could get a photo pass for Bumbershoot. I doubt it will happen, but if I had emailed them a long time ago, and sent in a form for photo passes for Bumbershoot before August 1st, I would have gotten press rights.

For real.

AND. With those press rights, I could get into shows – FOR FREE – with press tickets. To write about them, which is what I would have done either way, but this way, I do this for a “job.” So I don’t technically get paid, but getting into shows for free is fine enough for me. This will go on my resume, and if this could help me get a good internship in a year for comm. credit, and give me a leg up on the competition in this especially competitive field right now, I’m down.

I’m SO down.

So as soon as I get my first assignment, I’ll be back here letting EVERYONE know where to go to find it. And who knows, maybe Bumbershoot will be my first piece.

Good lord, I’m excited.

<3<3<3 Abby


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