And…I’m moving to Sweden RIGHT NOW.

16 Aug

I posted something recently expressing my newfound guilty pleasure in True Blood.

And I must tell you, it has only gotten STRONGER. Holy crap this show is awesome. I literally finished the rest of season 1 one on tuesday night, and didn’t go to bed until 3 am the next morning. The next day, wednesday, I watched the first four episodes of season 2, and thursday, episodes 5-8. For me, it’s almost better to wait until the end to watch all the episodes in one shot, so it feels like one super long movie.

What’s so awesome about season 2 – well, there are a few things, but I’ll get to Alexander Skarsgard, or ASkars as he’s affectionately called on ONTD and other blogs, later. I love that the story keeps getting stranger and stranger. First season – you have vampires and Sookie’s telepath-ness, and this season, we find out for sure that Sam is a shapeshifter…and then there’s Maryann. Ooooo, do I hate Maryann. She’s a maenad, which in laymen’s terms means that which brings out the evil in everyone – anger, greed, violence, and lust. It was actually really awkward as I was watching one of the episodes onDemand where Maryann was having one of her crazy black-eyed orgies with all the people of Bon Temps, and my Dad walked downstairs. Yeah…Maryann makes people black out, get wasted, sodomize trees, and beat up their mommas. I just wish that people would get a clue about Maryann. No one but Sam and Andy have seemed to figure out that Maryann is BAD.


But the real reason I wrote this post – ASkars.

Look at this man.

I know I said before that BILL was the best vampire ever. I stand corrected. I should have watched season 2 before making that statement, because Eric Northman, ASkars character, is SOOOO much better. I sound like a silly pop culture fanwhore, but I’m fine with that.

I actually just stumbled upon a post on ONTD where they listed the hottest vamps in pop culture, and for some ridiculous reason, Robert Pattinson has almost half of the votes, where the sexy Nordic Adonis has a mere 20%. Sad face. I’m just glad that people appreciate stories about real vampires, not like vampires exist, but vampires based on old myths, that kill people, and burn in the sun, and apparently have magic vampire Viagra that makes human libidos go crazy. Rather than stories about vampires trying to hide the fact that they’re vampires, who refrain from biting people, and don’t sleep in coffins or in the basement during the day. If I’m going to get into a vampire story, I want the vampires to be vampire-y.

I prefer slutty, 1000-year-old Viking vampires to angsty, teenage ones who wear pea coats and have bouffants.

That’s all I’m saying.

I mean, he’s damn hot.

❤ Abby


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