I’m sure this is greatly appreciated, as it’s grossly overdue

5 Jul

I’m dreadfully sorry I never updated on Laura’s and my trip to Seaside. I don’t know why it slipped my mind; it may have been the fact that I was so into my book. I finished reading the Learners by Chip Kidd while I was there – and HOLY SHIT that book is a mindfuck. I strongly recommend it, and I’m hoping for a third. It’s weird, as I’m become accustomed to reading books that come in series, that I always want another one. First, there was Harry Potter, then the Jessica Darling series, HP having seven books and JD having five books.

But anyway, that wasn’t my whole point in posting this entry.

Overall, we had a very relaxing few days in Seaside. We didn’t get to go to Portland on the way back to go to Powell’s, but we did save 50 miles in gas. I hadn’t realized how much further it was to go to Seaside from Portland than from Longview. Needless to say, we saved a hell of a lot of time. We got home thursday at like, 1:30.

So on tuesday, we went shopping through the carousel mall on Broadway, and the other little shops in town. We stopped in this one shop called “Freedom” with witty tee-shirts and souvenir crap.

And a Rasta guy asked Laura which print she liked.

“That sex machine one is pretty funny.”

“Oh, really, is that what you are?”

Awkward. So we left.

Laura thought he said, “is that what you want?” but when I told her what he really said, it was even creepier.

We went grocery shopping so we wouldn’t have to go out to eat, seeing that we were being cheap. It was pretty funny when we came back from Safeway, because we walked into the kitchen, put away our snack food and took our chicken out for fettucine, and a lot of the other guests stared at us as we were cooking the chicken.

What? We like chicken. We like to eat dead animal carcass. Is it a crime? There was this nice woman boiling artichokes and cooking wild rice on the other stovetop while we were sauteing onions, peppers and chicken, adding cream and cheese and pouring it all over carb-y noodles. It was amusing. But not quite as amusing as when we tried to walk through from the laundry room to the main room and some chick was doing yoga on the floor. We encountered a lot of people like that during the week. It surely was a different experience from a hotel.

We were on the Necanecum River, about 10 blocks from Broadway, and on tuesday, Laura and I sat out in the yard and read for a good hour and a half, and I got a terrible sunburn – on my knees. I mean, really. My knees. And not just my knees, but on my left knee, a stripe of sunburn ran up my thigh, leaving an uncomfortable red area. My neck got a little burnt on the left side, as well as my nose, but nowhere else was in direct sunlight. It was a nice day though, not too hot because of the wind, and out sweet and spicy mustard was freaking delicious.

On wednesday, we called Amber Jo, an old friend from high school who’d moved down to Seaside with her daughter a little less than a year ago. Her daughter, Olivia, is one year old now, and she’s adorable. We didn’t realize, however, that Amber Jo lived literally five minutes away from where we were staying.

We called her and was like “what road are you on?”



“Yeah, why?”

“So are we!”

That was tuesday night, and we went and hung out with her for a bit that night before spending a good portion of the day with her and Olivia wednesday. We rode with her up to Warrenton and went shopping. We went to Fred Meyer and Ross, just to go shopping. It was nice, because I’ve actually never been to Ross and they had a better selection than TJ MAXX. I got a pair of Levi’s for $16. Really. Pretty good deal. We stopped at Starbucks while we were in Warrenton too, and in the drive-thru, Amber Jo actually asked the girl getting us our coffee if she was a vampire because she had cold hands. She was kidding, of course, but it was still funny. That night we lied low for the night after coming back the hostel from Amber Jo’s apartment. We watched that Paul Blart movie, and it was absolutely ridiculous. Like, I haven’t seen such a stupid movie in a long time. Once back to the hostel, we didn’t do much, reading and packing. We had the weirdest tuna melts I’ve ever had, but tasty nonetheless.

The next morning, we had to be out by 10 am, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so on time in my life. We headed out, got some coffee, Laura checked her oil, and we were off. The route home was so much more scenic than the route we took there. We passed through Astoria, and along the river. I love driving along highway 30.


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