Seaside Numero Uno

30 Jun

So, it’s been one night since Laura and I arrived in Seaside. We’re staying at the Seaside International Hostel a few blocks away from the beach, and about 9 blocks away from Broadway, which is where all the tourist-y stuff is.

For one thing – a hostel is way cooler than staying in a hotel. It’s cheaper, you have free use of the fridge and the stove, they have “make your own pancake breakfast” in the mornings, and meditation from 10-12. I’ve been up for an hour and a half right now, but Laura’s still asleep-ish, so we didn’t get up early enough for breakfast.

Oh, and the TV room – all VHS tapes. I feel so old. They have a whole cabinet of movies, and we decided that we’d watch Footloose. But we failed. Miserably. We put the tape in the VCR. and pressed play. And it didn’t play. It’s been, what? 8 years since I’ve actually used a VCR. So we gave up on trying to get it to work and went back to our room and watched an old Nickelodeon Kenan and Kel movie on my laptop. I forgot how much I loved that show.

We had Thai food last night, just to try something a little different, and it was cheap. But not so tasty. Definitely not going back there again, which is why we went to Safeway and got sandwich fixins, some soup, and some mac’n’cheese. Cause we’re cheap. We might go somewhere to eat a couple more times, but possibly share, since the portions you get are so damn big. It finished maybe half of my pad thai last night. But I don’t feel sick. That’s the important thing.

I’m excited. It’s very relaxing here, and with no television, it will be very easy to experience so many things. However, I was an idiot and forgot my earphones for some reason. Dunno why I didn’t look harder for them, but I might have to pick up some cheapy ones to tide me over for the next couple days. Our walls aren’t very sound-proof, so earphones would be nice to have to fall asleep to.

I gotta take a shower now, but I’ll be back tomorrow…or the next day to check in again. We’ll probably go to Astoria tomorrow, and then stay in Portland all day on our way back home thursday.

❤ Abby


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