Animal Collective has an odd calming effect on me

21 Jun

And that’s a good thing.

Well, Happy Fucking Father’s Day!

You have no idea. I don’t think I’ve been this scared in…well, a long time. A really fucking long time. Here my sister and I were, getting ready to head to the mall to pick up Dad a last minute father’s day gift, and Mom went to the cash machine to get some money for us, and as we were waiting for her to come back, the phone rings. I don’t recognize the number, but I pick it up. And a woman on the other line asks who I am, and I say “Abby,” and she proceeds to tell me that mother has been in a car accident. Outside Albertsons. In that stupid fucking turn. The turn that constantly gives people grief. I can hear my mom yelling from the other end, and the woman tells us that her elbow’s scraped up a bit, and that we need to get down there now and call Dad. Immediately, Libby and I jump in the truck and drive to Albertsons. We can see the lights of the ambulance from halfway down Borgen, and we drive all the way around Albertsons to avoid getting stuck in the car lineup and park. People are already staring at the wreck, standing on the sidewalk. And the car is flipped on it’s side.

I know it looks bad, and that’s what I thought immediately. But as soon as I saw the paramedics getting her out through the window, I knew she was fine. They didn’t need the jaws of life. They just bashed in the window. The cop came over to talk to us for a bit about what happened, and apparently, Mom was going to turn into Albertsons and had her blinker on, but changed her mind, but the people turning left out of Albertsons thought she was still turning, and tried busting out of that turn quickly, caught her back bumper, spun her car around and it flipped on its side and slid a bit. And the only damage to their car is the front bumper came clear off. And Mom was only going about 25, but that damn Isuzu is so damn top-heavy that it’s a fucking defective weeble wobble waiting to tip over. We now have an excuse to finally get rid of that car. Finally. It’s been on it’s last legs for the past year, and now it’s gone to the big car lot in the sky. And this may seem crass that I’m being so lighthearted about this, but honestly, Mom was. As soon as Libby got the hospital behind her, she was like “did you look for my shoe?”

“What shoe? I didn’t know I was supposed to look for your shoe?”

“Well, someone needs to find the shoe.”

I found the shoe. And they were expensive shoes. I got everything out of the car, or more like Mr. Rushing got all the stuff out of the car. He was our savior. I called Laura and Libby called Courtney right away, but Gary was already at Albertsons, so he stayed with us and did whatever he could. He reached into the car and grabbed everything out of the car, her shoe, her keys, the bag of random crap that was on the passenger side floor, even the duct tape and travel book that fell out the back window when the tow truck was trying to flip the car back on the right end. Gary even offered to pay the tow truck guy with his credit card after we asked if they could just tow the car to the house, which is WAY closer than the car lot, btw. So it was lame that we would have had to pay to tow it to the house and not pay to tow it to the lot. Lame.

But everything is well. Mom’s elbow’s cut up pretty badly, she’ll need some stitches on her side, but she has her shoes and a clean muumuu to wear. Although her room at St. Joe’s is technically a shower because they were really busy today, apparently. The dude checking us in was kind of cute though. I was just so relieved to have Laura there, and then Courtney and Tami showed up, and the random kind people waiting with us at Albertsons. This nice woman and her daughter even went into Albertsons and bought Libby a tea and offered me something too. I didn’t want anything, but it was heartwarming to know they offered. I sometimes feel like our town has lost all of it’s townie-ness since Harbor Hill expanded and Uptown was built, just basically since Gig Harbor became a tourist destination. I thought people weren’t considerate anymore, but just gawkers and bystanders. Believe me, there are a fair share of those, but Gig Harbor seems to be just full of them. When my family went to Minnesota this summer, everything was friendly. Everyone was considerate. You couldn’t find an unkind person in Minnesota. We don’t have that.

But today, I saw a glimpse of hope that genuinely considerate people still exist around Gig Harbor. I thought I’d seen the last of “kind strangers.” But today showed me that I was wrong.

I love my friends. I love my family. I love the Rushings. I love people who care.

❤ Abby


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