I was going to review the Hangover, but I changed my mind

14 Jun

I’ll do that tomorrow.

For now, I’d like to address an issue that’s most near and dear to my heart – David Letterman. As much as I love Conan way more than Jay Leno, I’ve had a hard time switching over to NBC at 11:35 instead of going right to CBS. I figure I’ll just record it if I remember to. If not, oh well.

But I missed the show last monday, and I’m quite upset that I did, because I would have seen the infamous jokes firsthand, not the retelling of them over and over again.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well.

There, now you see.

This whole week has turned into a fucking shitstorm coming out of Palin’s mouth. The radio host that originally had Palin on and where she made the remarks after Dave’s jokes monday was on MSNBC this week, and made a complete ass of himself. He pissed off Contessa Brewer so much that she demanded they cut his mic. Watch that first. Palin talked to Matt Lauer the other day, both addressing the pipeline situation in Alaska and the backlash from Letterman’s jokes. And I must say, she got pwned. She made some ridiculous accusations that Dave wasn’t to be trusted around her 14-year-old. Watch that one too.

Are you fucking kidding me?


Sarah Palin said she didn’t want to appear on Dave’s show to boost his ratings, but all this is doing for her is putting her back in the public eye. She’s milking it for all it’s worth, and it’s disgusting. She mentioned on the Today Show that in the campaign that Obama said that “families were off-limits.” Well, guess what Mrs. Palin? It’s not the fucking campaign anymore, and David Letterman isn’t a journalist, he’s a comedian. He tells jokes. He interviews movie stars. He banters back and forth with Paul. Were his jokes distasteful? You could say that, yes. They were a low-blow, but Palin, along with some absurd group of people who’ve banned together to “Fire David Letterman” have blown it WAY out of proportion. Dave wasn’t referring to Willow, Palin’s 14-year-old. He was referring to her 18-year-old, who got pregnant during the campaign. The campaign that Palin pushed for FAMILY VALUES. Bristol’s an adult, she can handle herself.

David Letterman is not a pervert. He’s a comedian. He wasn’t condoning statutory rape. How dense do you have to be to believe that’s what he meant?

This just pisses me off, because people are idiots. People are maniacal idiots without anything important to say so they pounce on somewhat ineffectual public figures for an absurd misunderstanding.

I figured I’d post this, because I know how much the news shows are following what the interwebs are saying these days, and I’d like for anyone who agrees with me to say something on Twitter or anywhere else against this “Fire David Letterman” group. Seriously, I was at the gym today and CNN was actually broadcasting tweets about the Iranian elections.

David Letterman is not a pervert, I repeat. And get the fuck over it, Palin.

❤ Abby


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