This Is The One

4 Jun

I’m in my last class of the spring quarter. Although it technically doesn’t feel final at all, since I’ll be here tomorrow, and saturday, and sunday most likely. And I have finals next tuesday. Two to be specific. One that I will ACE and one that I will FAIL. Hopefully the latter doesn’t quite happen. Even though I didn’t even read Virginia Woolf because I didn’t feel like navigating through the Labyrinth that is Woolf’s mind.

My headline refers to a song by The Stone Roses from the Eagle vs. Shark. Pretty much the greatest Kiwi movie I’ve ever seen. Or perhaps the only Kiwi movie I’ve ever seen. I know I’ve mentioned this little film before, but I just love it so much, and “This is the One” came on my shuffle as I walked to my last class, and it made me feel pleasant.

It was one of a few pleasant things today. The fact that school was almost over was one pleasant thing. My wonderful turkey sandwich another. AND the most awesome part of my day. Literally, it was so freaking exciting I threw up my fists and cheered.

Okay, I’ll explain.

Threadless has thursday Spinz4winz. I don’t think they use that many z’s in the phrase, but I felt like adding the z’s for an extra dramatic effect. Bob and Kristen of Threadless record a video each hour from 11-5 CST (or 9-3 PST), asking random questions like “what are we going to have for lunch?” or “what should Kristen do with her 13-year-old kid sister this weekend?” Seemingly trivial things that anyone with a computer, iPhone, or blackberry can answer. And the facebook fans answer the questions in the comment box below the videos.

TODAY, in the 11 am video, Bob starts playing this song from his phone into the speaker, and said “the first person to guess the title of this song wins…something, maybe a spin, maybe something from me.” It was hard to tell what song it was because of the sound quality, but all I could decipher were two lyrics. “She keeps her fists in tight and she sleeps on her side.” At first I thought it said, “she keeps her fish untied and she something something something,” but after listening to it several times, I knew what the lyrics said. And I recognized the song, vaguely, but I recognized it. So I googled the lyrics. And lo and behold, it was “Fatalist Palmistry” by Why? (and yes, they have a question mark in their name). So I wrote that in the comment box. By then, I hadn’t refreshed the page in a few minutes, so someone could have easily guessed it before me. But when I clicked refresh, I was just the third comment, and the first one to guess the title of the song! Luckily, this girl two comments below me, and one minute after me, guessed “Fatalist Palmistry,” but she probably had the same predicament as I did, but I was just a little bit faster.

It’s so lame that it made me feel cool, but it made me feel cool.

So the next hour, I took a break from essay writing and went back into facebook to check the 12 pm video. And guess who the first spin is for?


Bob and Kristen actually decided to do one spin for both me and the girl two comments below me because they realized how close our answer times were. So it’s me and this other girl – Bob and Kristen spin the wheel, and I’m sitting anxiously on my couch like it’s New Year’s Eve and the ball is about to drop, and where does the wheel stop?

One of each! One of each! One of each!

I just said that three times because that’s how Kristen chants when someone wins one of each of this week’s new Threadless tees. And it looks like thirteen shirts, but I’m not sure if we get the normal shirts, the and the typetees. But either way, it’s awesome.

Thank you Threadless for finally giving an question that I can answer correctly. I figure it’s a late birthday present.

That was wonderful. However, the one unpleasant part of the day was the possibly 95 degree weather. It baffles me how people at school can wear long sleeves, let alone long pants. I mean, are you perpetually cold, cannot feel heat, have paper thin skin, or are that much of a prude that you won’t show your shoulders or knees? Like I said yesterday, I’d be going naked if I could. But that’s just not socially acceptable, or sanitary in the least. I hate this weather. I just hope the promise of cooler weather is imminent. And rain. Lots of rain.

❤ Abby


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