I’m seriously this close to walking around my house naked

3 Jun

It’s that hot. And I’m not exaggerating. Okay, it’s 88 degrees out right now, but for someone with as much natural body insulation as I have, it’s much too hot to be comfortable. Actually the YMCA was way more comfortable than my room is right now, with the fan oscillating around the room. If we could just cool down ten degrees, it would be warm, but still comfortable. 15 degrees would be perfect. Absolutely perfect. I might even go outside to read. No, I have to write an essay, and when I take my computer outside, I can’t see the screen, so that’s impractical.

I mean, would it kill mother nature to give us some goddamn clouds? Some shade, some wind? Anything but this hot, humid, static air. I would love to have one of those old school sprinklers that we used to run through when we were kiddies. That or a rain storm. I literally just came back in from playing with my dog and the hose. I made it rain. Oh how I hate the heat. I could never live in California during the summer. That’s what I don’t mind about living in Washington. We never get extreme weather, or at least we never USED TO. Damn climate change.

Doesn’t this child look like he’s having fun?

Ugh. I want that!

Anybody got any idea for a cool salad for dinner tonight to go with freshly caught salmon (the first one my dad caught this year!)? We have this pasta salad that I like to call “old faithful,” with red peppers, green onions, Johnny’s salad elegance and italian dressing, but it’s gotten really boring. And no tuna salad, cause dad hates tuna salad. Give me some ideas, but they HAVE TO BE COLD.

Hopefully I won’t fail my essay miserably that’s due tomorrow. I’m halfway done already, and I only have to write three more pages on Kafka. I think I’ll get at least a 3.0. It definitely is more narrowed down than my Gulliver’s Travels essay. I’m just glad this quarter is almost over. And I’m guessing the professors are too, because they don’t have to dress like professors anymore, and dress for the weather. It was so hot yesterday that Dr. Coon had short sleeves on. I’m pretty sure none of my professors this or last quarter wore short sleeves. It’s easier to be “work-appropriate” with long sleeves. But thank god our classes are air-conditioned. I’d die. Literally. I’d shrivel up and die. I just feel bad that my mom’s store’s air-conditioner is broken. And they don’t have enough extra money right now to fix it. Business isn’t going so well, and the fact that the store is 80 degrees all the time hurts business even more. It’s one big ridiculous cycle of crap.

Okay, I’m off to made a tuna sandwich for lunch in my underwear.

❤ Abby


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