Two days

28 May

Yes, there are two days until the big two-oh, the lamest birthday one could ever imagine. I’ll be working at school on the Ledger on my birthday. In a weird way, it will be nice, because I remember having my birthday at paste-up for Outlook junior and senior year, and my birthday last year was a little bit…hmm…I’d rather not talk about it.

But I just figured out what I’ll do next year to celebrate. Since I can’t go get wasted with my over-21 friends, I’ll go to a 21 and over club and see a band. It won’t even matter who’s playing, it will just be the fact that it’s not an all-ages venue that will make it cool.

*Crosses fingers for WAS to come back*

Doubt it.

But my birthday is on a sunday next year, so it kind of sucks. I wished my birthday was on friday this year and a saturday next year, because most likely saturdays will have better events. It’s too bad that Sasquatch is always on the celebrates memorial day weekend, or really, that memorial day weekend isn’t celebrated on the ACTUAL memorial day (my birthday). That way, next year, I could drink at Sasquatch, on the campground.

Because I’m camping next year. I’m saving as much money as I possibly can to have a good amount to camp next year. Hopefully Sasquatch 2010 has artists as good as this year’s. Maybe WAS will come back after their 2006 appearance.

Again, doubt it.

Maybe if we rally enough to the Sasquatch people or Keith and Chris themselves, it will happen!

Year-long project instigated!

Oh Keith, how I love your telecaster.

Hey! Bon Iver had the same one this year! Hooray for Telecasters (they’re way better than Strats). But Caleb Followill’s Gibson ES-325 comes to a close second.


I wanna see some pics from Bishop Allen on monday with Tapper on drums. Time to go find those.

❤ Abby


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