Nine Days

21 May

I just realized that it was May 21st, which means that I will no longer be a teenager in nine days. I will be twenty years old in nine days. And if you think about it, it’s kind of an anticlimactic birthday, because it means that I still have one year before I can legally drink. And I honestly can take joy in that birthday, because I have been faithful to the law up to this point. I know I can’t really ever get shitfaced drunk because then my liver will hate me and die. So that’s a buzzkill, but the fact that I’ll be able to go to a bar with my friends will be wonderful.

So this birthday is good and bad at the same time. Good in that I’ll be leaving my teenage years behind in the dust. No more nineteen.

I also had a weird epiphany the other day – on the 17th to be exact. I went back and checked my archives to be sure, and I was right. It was a year ago on the 17th that I had my first kiss. And it’s weird to think about how it’s been a year since I left St. Martins, and started my job at Petco, and started going on with Ryan. It’s been 9 months since we broke up, and I honestly feel like I’ve grown up so much since then. We kept in contact for a few months after we broke up, but since Christmas, I haven’t actually been down to Lacey a lot – and every time I visit I just go and see my friends. This year has been so much better than last year. Granted, I still have two weeks to fail my literature class miserably, but overall, this year has been wonderful.

For one thing – no fucking dorms.
For another – I’m on the fucking Ledger.
For another – my classes are fucking fantastic.
For one more thing – my professor is one sexy motherfucker.

Don’t ask about that last one.

It does kind of suck that I don’t have a job at the moment, or a boyfriend for that matter, but it’s okay, because I have some money in my bank account, and I’m happy. So far, 2009 has been great. It’s hard for me to compare it to 2008, because 2008 included both the loss of a friend and my first boyfriend. So there’s a give and take. Some things have been better. Some things have been worse.

But I will say – UWT kicks way more ass than SMU. No doubt.

Oh, and one more thing – TWO FRAKKING DAYS UNTIL SASQUATCH. It’s unavoidable – I’m going to mention this once more tomorrow, and numerous times from my blackberry on my Twitter.

And trust me, I’ll be in with an EXTENSIVE post sunday “morning” (it will be most likely around 2 in the afternoon, because we won’t get home until like…4 am. As KOL don’t start until 10.)

❤ Abby


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