Who will win American Idol?

19 May

I honestly don’t care. For the first time in…ever, I don’t care who wins. Personally, I would listen to Kris Allen’s album. I love Adam, but I couldn’t sit through an entire album of Adam singing. Kris is more my style, but Adam is amazingly talented.

Tonight was a pretty anticlimactic finale, if I do say so myself. Kara’s song “No boundaries” was fucking LAME. Like LAME with a capital L – A – M – E. It was neither Kris nor Adam’s style. I’m not sure if they were even allowed to interpret it, because the genre didn’t fit them at all. It was ridiculous, and kind of selfish on the writer’s part. It was just a way for Kara’s song to get out there. That’s the one thing I hate about American Idol – the coronation song. Every year they’re been the same song, just with a different title. “A Moment Like This,” “I Believe,” “Do I Make You Proud,” “This is my now,” “Inside Your Heaven,” “Flying Without Wings,” “The Time Of My Life” – ALL THE SAME FUCKING SONG. And now, “No Boundaries” is just a shameless plug for Kara’s quasi-successful songwriting career. I, for one, find songwriters lame. If you’re going to write a song – sing it. But also, people who sing and make money from it and don’t write songs – you’re lame too.

You hear that Kara? You’re lame. But at least you’re not on crack like Paula.

Go Adam. Go Kris. I don’t care. Kris will be more marketable, but if Adam wins, he’ll be the first openly gay American Idol. And that’s awesome.

Off topic completely – I’m watching that new show “Glee,” and it’s ADORABLE. And not to mention Matthew Morrison, the guy who plays the advisor of Glee club is fucking LINK LARKIN from the original Hairspray musical on broadway, when I went in the 8th grade. Yeah, long time ago, but he was adorable back then, and he’s equally adorable now.

And I just saw a new trailer for HP6, and OMG I’M SO EXCITED. So. Goddamn. Excited.

Okay, now I’m done.

❤ Abby


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