How the day sounds…and smells…and tastes…and looks

18 May

So, this weekend is finally over – and it’s been a long weekend at that. Flight of the Conchords was wednesday, but for some reason, I still consider it as part of the weekend, because that day was way too awesome to even be called a weekday. Yeah, I know, it was wednesday, but wednesday can be a weekend just that one time.

We had the Oscars friday. No – not the Academy Awards – the Outstanding Student Ceremony for Awards and Recognition. Now there’s a mouthful, and an awkward mouthful. I’m pretty sure the people in charge of planning this shindig at school just came up with words to fit “Oscar” to make it sound that much cooler.

On the surface, the event was pretty cool. Students and staff were awarded for several reasons – volunteering, students’ choice, and “outstanding registered student organization.” The Ledger was in that category.

Against Psychology club and Marketing Society. I, for one, haven’t heard of any things those two clubs have done. And the criteria included planning events worthwhile to the school community and some shit like that. Doesn’t putting out a full newspaper every two weeks count as a recognizable contribution to the student body?

Apparently not enough, according to three random people whom I don’t know. Nope, as we were planning on how to accept our award, they announced that psychology club had won the damn award.


It was lame, because we totally got snubbed. Snubbed like no other.

So the actual ceremony was pretty boring, but the after party was anything but – mostly because we made it fun. I jacked my sister’s homecoming dress for the affair, because I didn’t have anything remotely appropriate for the event. But the after party had a “casino night” theme, which didn’t serve any purpose, as most people didn’t actually play any poker.

But we danced. We danced quite a lot. To some shitty music, and some good music. Maybe two of the songs would actually be found in my almost 9000 song itunes library, but still entertaining. At one point while the DJ played some random gangsta rap and people started doing some cool dance – not sure what it was, but I got some cool pictures from it – Alexis said, “I didn’t know our school was so urban.” It was pretty funny.

And then the DJ played the “Cupid Shuffle,” one of those songs where the lyrics consist of instructions on how to do the dance, like the “Cha cha slide,” which the DJ also played. However, the cha cha went on way too long. We can only take so many “to the left, take it back now, y’all”s. But again, I got some kick ass pictures from all this. Even though there were maybe 50 people in the oUWTpost, it looked like a rave with my camera trick – low shutter speed, flash and shaking the camera from side to side.

Case in point:

This one was my favorite. He actually changed his profile pic on Facebook to this picture. Boo yeah.

Hmm…what else to talk about?

Oh, right. Five fucking days. Seriously. Five days from now, I’ll be seeing the Decemberists on the Main Stage at the Gorge. And then shortly would be watching the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, then trekking down over to the Wookie Stage to see Bon Iver. But it sucks because Yeah Yeah Yeahs start at 8:30 and Bon Iver starts at 8:45. Lame. But then, in a matter of five days and two hours approximately, Kings of Leon will be taking to the Main Stage, in all their Followillian fiery sexiness. So fucking excited.

Anyway, on to music news.

I got two artists to write about today – Sliimy (and that’s pronounced sleemy, I think. Or Slimmy. I think.) and Greg Laswell.

Sliimy is like a younger, French version of Mika. My sister says it Prince was our generation, he’d have a style like Sliimy.

This song (and this video) fills me with glee. It’s so catchy, and so adorable. My sister read somewhere that he learned English on the internet. If you like Mika, or Nouvelle Star winner Christophe Willem, or any other French power-pop, check out Sliimy. I just was on his page, and now I’m kinda mad because apparently Perez Hilton “discovered” him after he covered “Womanizer.” Well, I haven’t been reading at all lately, as Oh No They Didn’t has completely taken over the place in my online time for celebrity gossip.

I’m trying to download his full album, “Paint Your Face” right now, and it’s going quite slowly, but I highly recommend Sliimy. And don’t forget that there are two ‘i’s, or else his name would be “Slimy.” And he’s anything but slimy.

New musician – Greg Laswell. He’s where I got my headline from – his song, “How the day sounds.” It’s a good song. Quite a good song. But not the one that I haven’t stopped listening to for the last three days. “Off I Go” is that song. Specifically, it was the song at the end of the Grey’s Anatomy finale, and every time I listened to that song on friday, I teared up. Seriously. I know it’s sad, but each time, I got the visual in my head of deformed George writing “007” in Meredith’s hand and her running down the hall after she realized it was George.

The first time I heard Greg Laswell was with his song “Sing, Theresa Says” from the Paste Magazine sampler 23, and his new album is so awesome. My personal favorites are “And Then You,” “Days Go On,” and “How the Day Sounds.” “Off I Go” is a separate single, and it’s equally as amazing. I highly recommend it if you like Josh Radin, WIlliam Fitzsimmons or Cary Brothers. Basically – chill acoustic piano guy music. It’s good music to chill to. It sounds like autumn, at least to me.

This was one of the videos I found on Youtube with “Off I Go.” And it just so happens to be compiled scenes of Izzie and George in Grey’s Anatomy, and such.

She can’t die. He can’t die. Oh god.

❤ Abby


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