Sixteen days and counting.

7 May

Until Sasquatch, and I’m glad that I’ve had things to occupy myself with – i.e. homework, several papers, press release assignment…and getting tickets to Flight of the Conchords next week.

Yeah, you read it right.

Today, by some inexplicable miracle, I decided to check the Paramount Theater website, just because. And new tickets were released. New, super-late tickets were released, and even to add to the awesomeness the situation already offered, they weren’t all 3rd mezzanine tickets. We got main floor tickets. Main floor. At eye-level with Bret and Jemaine. I am shaking in my hypothetical boots I’m so anxious. I will be TONS OF PICTURES and WRITING ALOT about it. The only thing I won’t be able to keep are the ticket stubs because I printed them online. It’s cheaper.

Lindsay and I may stay outside the theater if it doesn’t get out too late and hang for awhile, because it’s not in a seedy part of Seattle. It’s right downtown. And hopefully it won’t be cold. Wish for good weather. No rain. No rain, PLEASE. And maybe free parking nearby. Hell maybe we’ll go to American Apparel for a bit before the show starts. That would be swell.

And that special guest is Arj Barker. We get music and comedy for the price of one awesome show with comfortable seating. FOTC isn’t much of a moshing kinda concert. We’ll leave the wild dancing for KOL in 16 days.


Okay, I can’t forget to mention the tearfest that was Grey’s Anatomy tonight. I mean, really. Izzie saw Denny again. And she has a tumor. And she might die. And she and Alex got married. And George walked her down the aisle. And he lost 6 patients who were on their way to college graduation. It couldn’t have been any sadder, only if Izzie had died this episode. The only light moment was when Cristina was grilling Meredith about her maid-of-honor-ness, “do you need me to shave off your eyebrows?” She was referring to when she was gonna marry Burke, and Mama Yang shaved off Cristina’s eyebrows on her wedding day, so they had to draw them back on. Pretty funny, I remember.

But I’m anxiously awaiting the finale next week. I know T.R. is leaving indefinitely, keeping his role next season in the dark, and Izzie may die. I will cry. I will cry if Izzie dies. Next week actually looks like a pretty death-heavy TV week. Someone supposedly dies on CSI:NY, and Reid contracts a terrible virus which makes him seclude himself. Death and danger is on the tubes for season finales.

Oh, and apparently bombs too, if Lost has anything to say about it.

Onto music news.

This is Dr. Dog.

And this is Architecture in Helsinki.

If you haven’t heard any of their stuff, go look for it now, so you can see lack of characteristics they share. Like, they could be more different, but in the world of alt, they’re pretty different. Dr. Dog reminds me of old 60s pop rock, kind of like early Beatles or even a couple Dead songs. And AiH is like Hot Chip crossed with Of Montreal, with more synth, afro-beat and less hip-hop.

But the two of them mashed together make an awesome cover song.

I think KStud blipped it the other day.

I’m damn obsessed with lately. Way better than Pandora. Like + Twitter. How much better can you get for a streaming music website? I haven’t found one more user-friendly and entertaining.

I’ll go now, I should get to bed. Get to cover the Wii-Lympics tomorrow night! Should be extreme, like the narrator from Extreme Workplaces last night – the one that featured Threadless! The narrator was ridiculous.

Oh, and you should go check out the newest tees on Threadless.

And download the Dr. Dog cover of “Heart it Races” on

Gotta keep the music mags alive! Subscribe to Paste, NME, Blender, SPIN, or Rolling Stone because they’re awesome, and I want a cool job in a few years!

❤ Abby


One Response to “Sixteen days and counting.”

  1. adrian 05/08/2009 at 8:17 pm #

    I saw Architecture in Helsinki once, they were really good. I’d never really heard them before then. one of the guys had a Mighty Boosh shirt!

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