Matt and Kim are the happiest people around

30 Apr

I’ve recently got into a Brooklyn-based duo, Matt and Kim. Like Mates of State, they are married, and carrying on a completely functional band.

And I love it.

They’re slightly younger sounding and more upbeat than Mates of State, but still quite similar.

Again, I love it.

Where did I first read about them…I was reading Jim Shearer’s IFC blog, “The Indie Ear,” and he posted a blog about the coolest couples in music, and Matt and Kim were one of them. Others includes Jason and Kori from Mates of State, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Gavin and Gwen, and Win and Regine from Arcade Fire.

So I was curious. Well, turns out that Jim posted another blog a few days later about Matt and Kim stripping down to their socks in their newest music video (“Lessons Learned,” above”). Then I was really curious, so I searched around the internets via Google and found their self-titled first album, and then the newest one, Grand.

Since then, they’ve been the other band that I haven’t stopped listening to, aside from City on Film, Hey Mercedes and Braid.

But anyway. When you do find Matt and Kim on…Myspace I think…and you will, “Don’t Slow Down,” “Daylight,” “Dash after Dash,” and of course “Lessons Learned” are my favorites. You can pick out some of your own, but I highly recommend them.

I actually read in an interview that the new record, Grand was recorded in Matt’s childhood bedroom. Isn’t that cute? Everything about them is cute. I swear they are always smiling. As you can see in the “Yeah Yea” video above. They still are smiling even if they are getting pelted by nasty food.

Oh, and today is a good day so far. Well, I lost internet connection for an hour, but for the Threadless prizewheel thursday videos, Kristen and Bob played a song I chose for Bob to DJ tomorrow night. I didn’t get a spin, but it’s okay, because it was “Paris is Burning” by Ladyhawke. Bad. Ass. Song.

Go listen to all of them.


❤ Abby


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