No Oscars or comic books for us.

25 Apr

No, we didn’t. But all the movies were really good, so I didn’t feel bad.

First of all – I HATE TRAFFIC. As stupid as I was to leave at 4 p.m. driving south on 1-5, I was on the highway for an hour and a half. I literally made it 10 exits in almost a half an hour. That’s the one thing that makes me so angry – breaking on the highway and being so fucking cautious that it slows down the cars behind you for a good 20 miles. I’m surprised that my voice isn’t gone, because I was screaming at the top of my lungs for 10 miles, and I swear my head was going to explode. So I made it to Michael’s apartment right at 5:30, which is when the Capital Theater opened their doors, but it was okay because when we got their at 6:10, the show hadn’t started yet. Little did I know – the screening was at the same time as the Arts Walk so Capital Way was blocked off for a good three blocks. I sure made it easier to find the theater in the daytime though. Last year, we were basically lost for 20 minutes trying to find it.

Shit! I forgot to ask if we could have our tapes back! I was in such a rush to go pee that I didn’t ask Cooper. Dangit. I don’t even remember what was on that tape after our film. I think it was footage from my project fall quarter for Critical Approaches to Mass Comm. where I interviewed Libby and Courtney. At least it isn’t anything embarrassing.

Our film was second to last on the schedule, so we got to sit through basically all the videos before getting to ours. But that also made me more nervous, because ours wasn’t nearly as good as some of the other videos. This one – called Untitled, that won audience favorite – did the idea that we thought of at one point, to just make it about deciding what to do the movie about. It was so funny. And it was one of my favorites.

Overall, the films were much better this year than last year, which made me feel worse, because Sweet Adeline was better than Video Games. But then again – I had a lot of shit to do last weekend so I didn’t have time to do anything better. I think there was only one that was really dumb and didn’t make any sense. There were a couple other ones that didn’t make much sense, but they were shot really well the editing was really well done.

The film that won first place – Fir – was one of them. I wish I could find it on Youtube, but it wouldn’t have the full effect, because instead of editing in the music, they played live music as the film played. Drums, guitar, distortion pedal, electric violin – it was all very cool. Michael said at one point that it made him uncomfortable because it was so bizarre. Kind of frightening too. But deserving of the first place prize – since it was so damn original.

I found several videos on Youtube, which were pretty funny – not any of the winners, but got a lot of laughs.


There were 19 films total, and ours was number 18. I will say that we got laughs at points where people were supposed to laugh. The reactions were appropriate – when I got socked in the tit, people went “ooohhhh.” When the movie was over, people clapped. But the points where people laughed the most was when Libby and Courtney first popped on screen, and when Libby zoomed in on Ian’s, or “karate kid’s” face towards the end.

So I was proud of our movie, but not remotely expecting to win anything, which is how we felt last year. I wasn’t bitter this time.

Which is good.

But I have to go get ready to leave for the zoo. I’m going today with my Uncle, his friends and their kids. I haven’t been to the Point Defiance zoo in a good 10 years. So it should be fun. I’ll take LOTS OF PICTURES. And it’s a nice day, so that makes it much better.

It snowed in Reno last night. Seriously. Libby got there thursday and Mom and Dad – GET THIS – got there last night. But that’s not the funny part. When Mom and Dad woke up at the butt crack of dawn yesterday, they were going to park their car at my uncle Jerry’s house. So they got there, in Auburn, and my Dad checked online to see if he could print their plane tickets. APPARENTLY, my father doesn’t know the difference between AM and PM. Yeah. He woke my mom up that early to then come back here at 9. And the drive back at 5:30 to make their 8 P.M. flight. I have material to make fun of my father for a good week now. Haha.

I vlogged when I got home last night.

❤ Abby


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