Dr. Faustus makes me angry

21 Apr

I read Dr. Faustus senior year of high school, during the spring, so I don’t remember anything from it except the demons and Mephistopheles. I honestly remember Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man (even though I HATED IT) more than Dr. Faustus, mostly because of Joey’s interpretive dance. I’ll see if I can find a link to it so I can post it.
I found it!
Joey Interprets Joyce
It’s hilarious. Especially if you read the book.
But I’m currently reading Goethe’s Faust for my literature class, and if I’d remembered anything from Dr. Faustus, it would have made writing our daily responses much easier, also today’s lack of comprehension could be attributed to my insane weekend. Once I actually start reading Faust, it will be easier to get into. Hopefully. I don’t want this whole quarter to be me half-assing these books. Next week will be better. Or just tomorrow will be better. I didn’t feel like going to class today because we were still talking about Gulliver, and I needed to do homework for my other class, and start on my paper on Gulliver for my literature class.

But I’m blogging instead.

Lordy I’m easily distracted.

The paper came out today, which is a relief, because I was worried that somehow the universe would hate me and make the printer do something wrong or the formatting would be wrong or all the pages would be blank.

Front page

I’m just glad that everyone worked out alright, because we had to do all the layout from my Mac, because CS3 isn’t convertible to CS2. Fucking Adobe.

So I drove down to Olympia last night to drop off our movie, and I almost couldn’t find Old School Pizza, but I found it quicker than I did last year. Thankfully, it wasn’t dark like February of last year either so it was easier to see the street signs and the big building will graffiti all over the walls outside – that was obviously Old School. But unfortunately, Cooper and Zack weren’t there yet when I arrived, so I left it with the cashier. Hopefully they got it because she said she’d been collecting entries from other people. I’ll be seriously pissed if they didn’t get it, because then this weekend would have been for NOTHING. Hell, it was fun anyway. Just stressful and made me age a good 3 years.

Not really. But I’m off to read what I have to of Faust, and maybe get some lunch. Ooo, maybe I’ll get that yummy salad with the raspberry vinaigrette, craisins, candied walnuts and feta cheese. It’s absolutely scrumptious.

❤ Abby


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