We’re getting “shot to the face.”

16 Apr

I wished I didn’t have a paper due next thursday on Gulliver’s Travels.

Because I have WAY too much crap to do this weekend. Layout, start reading Faust, response paper and literature essay due thursday….AND SHOOTING.

Yes, it is that weekend again, the one that consists of three intensive days of filming our short masterpiece. I’m not sure exactly how long it has to be – that we’ll find out tomorrow night from the prompt, as well as the rest of the limitations for our story. However, I’ve been brainstorming some ideas, so we don’t have to cram brainstorming and scripting friday night and saturday morning before we head out to Tacoma for shooting.

Why will we be shooting in Tacoma, you may ask?

Well, I will be doing double duty – layout and filming at the same time. But thankfully, Libby doesn’t have a tournament this weekend, so I have her as my minion all weekend to help. Last year she only had one small part in making our video – her last line “Shit.”

Needless to say, she’ll have a much larger part in making this movie this time around.

I’m really hoping that we win something this year, because last year’s prizes were very delectable, at least they were to Ian. He was practically foaming at the mouth when they announced a grocery bag full of comic books as one of the prizes.

We still need to think of a team name. We didn’t have one last year and it was lame, because all the groups who made good movies had cool names.

For some reason, based on last year’s video, I wanted to call our team “Stanley’s Bitches.” I don’t know why, but it was the first thing that popped into my head. As well as the crazy storyline of Stanley, the cheating blender, headlong into alcoholic oblivion, selling his body on the streets of Tacoma. With some sort of car chase involved. But I want some sort of deeper social commentary involved. That’s how “Sweet Adeline” ended up last year. That’s the thing that pissed Ian and I off about some of the other films in the competition – some didn’t make any sense and didn’t have a lot of substance. We’re hoping to redeem ourselves this year.

Just a reminder.

❤ Abby


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