“I’m going to marry him.”

14 Apr

That’s what my sister said after she saw Kris’s performance on American Idol tonight.

Even though he’s 23, and he’s married already. But still. *Swoon*

This will be taken down within a few hours, because Fox hates Youtube, but I figured I’d post it now, and replace it with some other audio recording later.

Not only is Kris irresistibly fine, he can sing, play guitar AND piano, AND he chose the Oscar-winning song from Once – a pretty obscure song compared to the rest of the cheesetastic shitballs that the rest of the idols chose. I honestly thought that if Lil Rounds would have chosen Whitney from Officer and a Gentleman, I would have thrown the remote at the television.

I don’t know what the hell Randy was talking about when he “didn’t get” Kris’s performance, but a performance I “didn’t get” and who I never really “get” is Danny Gokey. He has no originality, can’t change up a song at all, choses constantly cheesy songs enough to make a middle-aged woman fangasm, and is annoying.

What’s also driving me crazy about American Idol news is how much the freaking talking heads are shitting over Adam’s gayness. “Will his sexuality damage his game?” Bill O’Reilly said last week on his “show.” I only caught it because it was on the television at the YMCA. I can’t escape it.

But anyone who’s just catching on to Adam’s dragtastic photos online are dumbasses. We’ve all known it for over a month, and it obviously hasn’t hurt his game at all yet. I honestly think it’s helping his chances. We haven’t had an openly gay idol since Clay Aiken, and it’s about time we had another one.

This gif makes me laugh.

❤ Abby


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