My mom’s newly-found stolen purse

10 Apr

So, I finally went through my mom’s purse that the road clean up guy brought over a few days ago.

The purse in question.

This WAS a checkbook.

Nine-year-old floss.

See the date? This little notebook was rusted shut because of the pen, so I tried prying it open.

Mmmm, rusty paper.

I hate it that the Bon Marche doesn’t even exist anymore. Stupid Macy’s.

I don’t even remember the last time my mother wore horrendous lipstick like this.

Apparently, the stupid kid who stole my mom’s wallet didn’t know how to use a credit card.

Old Bic pen! I wonder if it still works…hmmm.

I wish there was some other sort of clue, or story to anything that may have been left in it. Maybe I just have a secret wish to find something that’s been lost for so long. Like a message in a bottle, or a time capsule, or even a TREASURE CHEST. That would awesome.

Note to self : find a treasure chest.

❤ Abby


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