Lisztomaniacal Lilliputian Lulz

7 Apr

Not really, but those first two words have been in my vocabulary a lot in the last few days.

The first being an amazing song by the band Phoenix. They were on SNL this weekend, and I couldn’t believe I’ve never heard them before, because they are AWESOME.

This is a biggest picture I could find of them, but it looks a little wonky.

“Lisztomania” is quite possibly my favorite song in the last month, which is a lot to say because my music changes quite a bit. My current favorites switch around all the time, and I have musical ADD.

But my favorite will always be We Are Scientists.

Anyway. Another of my favorite songs of Phoenix is “Love like a sunset,” which is this electronic shoegazer 7-minute epic. It sounds like it’s meant to be on a soundtrack of some sort. It’s quite fantastic, so you should take my word for it. Check out Phoenix. They don’t even sound French when they sing either, which is interesting.

Lilliput. That’s where I was all day yesterday. Well…sort of. I was reading the first 90 pages of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels for my modern literature class, and it was so freaking entertaining. I’m a little upset that I’ve owned this book for so long and haven’t read it. I bought it junior year of high school, but never ended up reading it for class and used the cliffsnotes for some assignment because I procrastinated.

I did that a lot back then. In fact, I still probably do that too much. But I honestly asked my mom before writing this – “hey Mom, what’s a really cool word that starts with L?”


“Seriously? Did you just say that?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Because I just read Lilliput yesterday. Do you know what it means?”


“Well, yeah, but where did it come from?”

“Gulliver the giant.”

“No, Gulliver’s normal sized. Well, he’s giant in comparison to the little people.”

And then I went on to explain the purpose of Swift’s classic satire. It almost amazed her how much the story actually meant. It was really funny.

Oh, and lulz go like this.

Watch this.

And this.

“Call a sex line…like a boss…cry deeply…like a boss…eat a bagel…LIKE A BOSS!”

God I love that song.

❤ Abby


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