Adventures in Adventureland!

5 Apr

Libby, Courtney and I went and saw Adventureland last night at 10:10 at the Port Orchard Regal Cinemas, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

Yay for cliches!

But I, completely idiotically, forgot that you needed to be accompanied by someone over the age of 21, not 18 if you were under 17 for an R rated movie. Lame, I know. And equally as lame is that two weeks ago, Libby, Lindsay and I went and saw I Love You, Man, and the people working at the Uptown Galaxy didn’t card us because we bought our tickets from the machine. And last night, we did the same – purchase our tickets from the machine.

But no, the stupid chicks at the door had to check our IDs on the way in the door.


So Libby couldn’t get in, and we sat out in the lobby for a good 10 minutes figuring out what to do. I was getting really upset, because I didn’t want to spend $9.75 for a movie I didn’t want to see, yet I didn’t want to waste the gas money after getting our ticket money back if we returned the tickets. So either way, we were screwed.

Eventually, we decided to go to The Haunting in Connecticut – which I ABSOLUTELY didn’t want to see, and neither did Courtney. Libby did though. So we sat in the theater, basically like 5 other people there with us, thinking about what to do for all of the trailers. Again, I got really upset, trying to make something good out of this shit situation. Libby convinced me to leave, so we walked out the theater door and down the hallway, but once we got to the door out to the lobby, no dumbass chick was watching the door, so we scurried across the hall to Adventureland. Miraculously, we didn’t get caught, after briskly walking down the long hallway from one end to the other.

Each time a worker would walk down the center aisle for the first 20 minutes, I got a little worried that they found out we hopped, but nobody did. I personally think that they found out, and just didn’t give a shit.

That’s what I would have done. The only reason Adventureland was rated R was from the swearing and the massive amounts of marijuana, and implied “intercourse,” at least that’s how Jesse Eisenberg’s character James, put it.

Libby and I officially HATE Kristen Stewart. First, she kissed Adam Brody, then she kissed Robert Pattinson, and in this movie she made out with RYAN REYNOLDS and Jesse Eisenberg. All in movies, and all were quite older than her. RPattz was the closest in age, being 22, and she being 18 at the time. But Ryan Reynolds is 33 years old. Damnit!

But stoner films suit her very much, probably because she’s high all the time. The only thing that bothered me about her performance was her constantly touching her hair. She pulled it back, and grabbed it I swear 400 times.

Other than the annoying hair-touching, I really liked the movie. Seriously. It wasn’t a bromance, which is always what Judd Apatow does, but an actual romance, and it was quite sweet. Not to mention the awesome nostalgic 80s soundtrack. I tried downloading it this morning, but no one had torrented it yet.

I need to keep working, but I might come back later to do an official review…without blabbering about Kristen’s hair and how hot Ryan Reynolds is.

❤ Abby


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