Dr. Greene, are you coming?

4 Apr


I mean wow.

This is a little late in terms of reflecting on last night, but whatever.

In a way, I feel a little bit closer to my mother. I know it’s sound ridiculous, but the series finale of ER last night was absolutely magnificent. So much better than any other series finale I’ve ever seen. Even better then Six Feet Under, quite possibly because ER was on three times as long, but still. Friends was on for 11 years, and that series finale was fucking retarded.

I was very glad that they had a series retrospective, because then I wouldn’t have realized the automatic parallels between the pilot and the finale. Archie opened up just as Dr. Greene did 15 years ago, and John ended just as Dr. Greene had 15 years ago. “Dr. Greene, are you coming?” And ironically, that was the one point within the finale that didn’t bring tears to my eyes. Honestly, I cried the most in the scenes with the Ernest Borgnine, and his dying wife. I hate seeing old people cry, and that’s the only reason I cried during The Notebook, cause the movie was kinda dumb.

What was so amazing to see was how much ER influenced so many other shows since then. It changed television, in the sense that it was shot like a movie. TV shows hadn’t done that before. I hadn’t noticed the steady cam long takes before, and to watch it in action, knowing that they pioneered it, was quite remarkable to see how far it’s come in the last 15 years, yet how much it’s stayed the same. I’d very much like to see the very first couple seasons, because I was far too young to watch it when ER first started up, but it’s always been my mom’s favorite show. They’ve been her TV friends for the past 15 years, and in the past couple of years, we’ve been able to share that. Before now, we’ve never really had such a strong feeling for a show together. I’ve always been a Grey’s Anatomy fangirl, but now I see where it all started, and it’s baffling to me how ER has never received an Emmy.

Like, never. And it was only nominated for best drama series in 2000. It’s been nominated for tons of guest acting awards and technical awards (because of the steady cam and Steven Spielberg’s influence), but never a win for best drama series. I feel like if they don’t at least get nominated this year, it will be complete blasphemy, because so many shows today had ER to thank.

As does George Clooney. Seriously. How can someone not become famous after saving sick kids on television for 7 years?

They sure did have handsome men on ER.

John and Luka


Oh, Ray.

Clooney can out-hot McDreamy any day.

The final scene was so ER too. It wasn’t like other series finales that tied everything else up in a nice little bow, to make everyone perfect and final – no, a bunch of ambulances came in from an explosion, and life went on. John opened The Joshua Carter Center, Tony and Sam are going to get married (they have to!) Neela is back with Ray, Archie’s engaged, John and Kem will hopefully make amends, and Dr. Banfield has a baby. You know that all is well, but things keep happening. Life keeps happening, which makes it not so sad, because even though these characters are completely fictional, after 15 years, they start to become real. The cast actually said in the retrospective that it would be weird to know that new people would soon be taking over the soundstage, and it hopefully could do some good for them.

That’s enough reminiscing for now. Mom and I will surely be catching the new show, Southland next week, since it’s from the creator of ER. I has to be good.

So long, forever, County.

❤ Abby


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