The Ancient Common Sense of Things

1 Apr

I’ve recently introduced myself to Bishop Allen more substantially than I have before. This band made a cameo in the cute music-filled romp “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” last year, and I’ve finally gone back to that soundtrack.

It actually kind of kicked ass. It was one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in awhile, and it’s not just because We Are Scientists earned a much-deserved spot on it – but because it had everyone from Vampire Weekend to the Submarines to Devendra Banhart (and WAS. You add WAS to anything and you make it exponentially better.)

But back to Bishop Allen. I think their new album “Grrr…” was on the new releases list on some blog I was reading, and I went to download that album, as well as their last one – “The Broken String.” They’re kind of like a cross between The Boy Least Likely To, The Submarines, and the Spinto Band. I haven’t stopped listening to those two albums for the last three days, and today I went to download their first album – “Charm School,” and I realized that the song “Things are what you make of them” was on the soundtrack to “Saved,” that brilliant sharp satire on Jesus-centric Christian high schools and homosexuality with Mandy Moore and Macauley Culkin when he started to look like a creeper. I knew I’d heard the song before!

I went to dig deeper into this band’s musical history, and turns out that they released 12 EPs in one year – one each month – in 2006. And they actually completed their project. That’s more than I can say for Sufjan Stevens and his plan to make an album for each state. How many has he made? Two? I still love him though.

But you should look into this band. They’re good.

What else about today can I say?


Oh right, classes started today!

I pretty much love my classes. My first class – modern literature of western civilization – freaking badass. I really liked my AP lit class senior year of high school, so this will be nice to be back into a class about books. Not just a class requiring books – but about them. I’m kind of rusty, I’ll have to admit, with books. There’s just been so much reading the last year. But next month the final chapter of the Jessica Darling series is released – Perfect Fifths, and I’ll have my nose in it most likely for a whole day, finishing it out maybe twice over.

I totally got sidetracked.

But we get to approach authors like Jonathan Swift and Virginia Woolf and Franz Kafka from a philosophical POW. It will be such a mind-bending experience. I’m excited.

I’m not so excited for my second class. However, I’m glad that I got into that one rather than the sociology class I originally had about ethnicity. Writing, reporting and editing for mass media is a euphemistic title for “we’re going to cover the entirety of journalism, but merely on the surface, within 10 weeks.” It’s basically the same as the classes I took last year at SMU, but much more succinct. So a lot of it will be review – like the stylebook stuff and “how to write a lead,” but that gives me an advantage, I guess. I’d much rather spend a quarter polishing up what I already know how to do – get an easy A, than take a class that was a last resort and not so much enjoy it, not knowing what my grade will be. The girls I sit next two are really nice. They were in one of my classes fall quarter, and they remember the video I did for my final project interviewing Libby and Courtney about “cool.”

Now my last class is so much in my element it’s insane. TV studies. I know, it’s “gravy” as my dad would call it. But hey, I like gravy. I have the same professor as my film directors class last quarter, which gives me an idea of how he grades and such, which is nice. That’s one thing that four of us in the class have that the rest of the class doesn’t have. There’s four of us from the film directors class in TV studies. So that’s four people I kinda know.

I can’t forget – Slumdog Millionaire came out on DVD today!

I mustn’t omit the fact that American Idol was so fucked up tonight. I mean, really. Nobody knows how to pick the right song. They all suck! Okay, maybe not everyone, but Anoop (dude, you’re not Usher), Megan (WTF, Bob Marley?), Scott (seriously dude, it’s the same song every week), Lil (her style changes more than her awful wigs), and Danny (I may be biased because I absolutely can’t stand Rascal Flatts. My sister actually wanted him to sing the Cascada version of “What Hurts the Most.” This kid did it great! And he kind of looks like a tiny Danny too.) (Wow, that was a long fucking parenthetical note.) So Allison, Adam, Kris and Matt picked good songs. At least, that’s what I thought. Adam’s was a little wacky. I’m just waiting for him to do Freddie Mercury. And I don’t know WTF the judges were thinking when they completely shat all over Matt’s performance. I love him. I love the Fray. Yeah, he does sound like the lead singer, Isaac, but he’s got more “swagga” as Randy would say, and is way cuter. I literally didn’t stop hitting redial for 45 minutes after the show ended – just for Matt. Because after what happened last week, he cannot be in the bottom two. However, if he did get voted off, I think the judges would use their save for him. At least I hope they would. He’s so good.

It won’t embed.

And then there’s Kris.


He’s just getting more and more attractive each week. And I bet every single lady out there is screaming, “damn you Kris’s wife! You’re such a freaking lucky bitch!” Maybe not all women. Maybe. But he’s been on a roll. He hasn’t had one bad performance. Kris has done everything right. I mean, even Adam played Russian Roulette with his rendition of “Ring of Fire.” And Paula was the one in the first week to tell Adam and Danny that they were headed to the finals. I think Kris has taken that spot away from Danny. For sure. Danny can sing. I’m not denying that. But he isn’t an artist. Kris plays multiple instruments and does different arrangements of songs to make them his own. That’s what Danny and Lil fail miserably in.

And Kris is wonderful to look at.

It still won’t embed.

(Photobucket doesn’t regulate their videos as closely as Youtube. Eeek yay!)

I’ve started to get into “The Inbetweeners,” the original comedy show from E4, the humourous cousin to Skins’ angsty teen. The Inbetweeners is helping me with the lack of Skins.

Will’s so adorable.

Off to read from Descartes for my lit class.

I figured I’d post the track I’d jacked the title from. Bishop Allen – The Ancient Common Sense of Things

❤ Abby


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