I’m a little nuts.

27 Mar

But today could not have made me happier! Except maybe if my books didn’t cost me $200 for school.


I bought Chip Kidd’s other book, the “book after The Cheese Monkeys” called “The Learners.” I have yet to read it, but I’m sure I’ll finish it within the next week, and I truly loved The Cheese Monkeys. If you are at all into art, fonts, graphic design, or mad crazy teachers, read it. You’ll finish it quickly, as the pages are tiny and the font is a large Bodoni. Yeah, the writer actually used the typography to mess with the story. It’s pretty awesome. The entire book was a graphic design project, and yet it didn’t take away from the story. I don’t feel like divulging it too much, because it’s hard to explain, but the main characters are named Happy and Himillsy. And Maybelle Lee. In the early 60s. At college. In art school.

Number two awesome thing about today. I got out of one of my classes and into one that I ACTUALLY WANTED TO GET INTO. And it eliminated 4 books that I had to buy – seeing that I already had an AP Stylebook. Ha! I also got the privilege to purchase a Virginia Woolf novel today. And the complete works of Kafka. Bad. Ass. I know.

I’m not nearly finished.

Skins. It was everything I expected from the finale. Suspense, swearing, and some sex. And Freddie. I don’t want to sound like I’m completely summarizing the pieces of entertainment that I consumed in the last 5.5 hours, but there was a lot. Skins wasn’t quite as good as I’d wished, but if it would have ended happily, it would have been retarded and it wouldn’t give them anything to lead into next season. That’s the thing about ongoing seasons. You can’t end every season all happy pappy and tie all the loose ends, unless you know that show isn’t coming back next year.

That’s what ER will have to do next week. *Preemptive tear*. No! I’m not there yet.

I LOVE YOU MAN! I’ll write a full review of it in the next couple of days when I’m not on such an emotional high, because that’s exactly what I’m on right now. My fingers are typing inexplicably fast, and I don’t understand why. But Rob Huebel had the greatest line I’ve heard in a long time. Lindsay and I would have cackled just as much had it been completely out of context, because it was THAT funny. For some reason, IMDB has no quotes listed for the film yet, but I’m not sure it would have included it, because it involved an elderly woman and a sybian. If you are still clueless, catch the red band clip right here. You will cackle wildly. I actually snorted a few times and covered my mouth from the laughter. It may have been that I was the only one out of the three of us who knew exactly what Rob Huebel’s character, Tevin was referring to. And I love Paul Rudd. He has got to be the most adorable person ever. Last year was Seth Rogen’s year. This year is Paul Rudd’s year.

And I can’t forget Jason Segel. I’ve loved him ever since Freaks and Geeks, and I’m so glad that How I Met Your Mother has lasted this long, because he’s such an endearing character, and big guy dorky cute. I HIGHLY recommend this movie – guys and girls alike.

Now onto the tear-jerkers. But not bad tears. Good tears. REALLY good tears.

I feel so ashamed that I ever questioned Shonda Rhimes. I’m a terrible Grey’s fan. I should have known that she could write herself out of that hole. After such a shitty first half of the season, Seattle Grace is back in full swing. I could not get up out of the chair throughout the entire episode, even though I knew I had the chance to pause it. It was like when I was finishing Deathly Hallows. I wanted to consume it all at once, with no interruptions. And from the beginning, when Cristina woke up being sleep choked by Owen, to the end when Derek FINALLY proposed to Meredith, every other commercial break, I was wiped off some tears. I’m such a sap. And as corny as Derek’s proposal was, it couldn’t have happened any other way. The elevator was perfect. And when Derek was retelling Mer all the surgeries he had posted to the wall – I remembered all of them. Seriously.


I would have preferred more of George, but hopefully Shonda will give him some more material so T.R. won’t decide to quit the show.

And Izzie didn’t die! She survived the surgery, and Alex actually was able to show some emotion, freaking out over the idea of snoozing into a cup to fertilize Izzie’s frozen eggs in case the surgery didn’t go well. But it did!

Like Derek always says, it was a good day to save lives.

Alex’s closing voiceover brought tears to my eyes, because it made me see that everything was going to be okay, for them, and for me. I’ll get back to that vindication later.

It doesn’t matter how tough we are. Trauma always leaves a scar. It follows us home, it changes our lives. Trauma messes everybody up. But, maybe that’s the point. All the pain and the fear and the crap. Maybe going through all that is what keeps us moving forward. It’s what pushes us. Maybe we have to get a little messed up. Before we can step up.

Okay, not quite done yet.

ER. One. More. Episode. And Mom will be BAWLING next week. I’m sure I will be too, even though I haven’t been as devoted as she has been over the last 15 years. I never got to see Dr. Ross in action, but tonight’s episode was so exquisite, but almost all the episodes of ER are. I don’t understand why they never get nominated for an Emmy. If they don’t get an nomination this next year, it will be blasphemy. I can’t even imagine how they’ll end it next week, but at least tonight’s episode ended happily. Dr. Banfield got her baby, Archie got engaged, Neela is happy with Ray, and hopefully Tony and Sam will make up next week. They have to. I don’t even want to think about what will happen, because I don’t want to put any wrong ideas in my head.

Okay, that’s enough positive venting for now.

Oh wait!


How the HELL did Matt get into the bottom two? It’s preposterous and outrageous. He sang “Let’s get it on” for crying out loud!

I couldn’t leave that out.

I watch way too much television.

Now to the real world. Which is just as equally as weird and wonderful at the same time.

Yesterday, I had the most vengeful feeling of redemption I’ve ever had. It’s odd, and quite mean if I think about it, but karma has turned in my favor, and I’ve made amends with the past and the future. Things are starting to settle happily, and hopefully by the end of this year, all things will be well. Fate is starting to kick in, I think. And fate feels good.

But what was so crazy today – Mom logged on to her blog, and some woman who claimed to know her from when my sister and I were in school with her sons messaged my mom and called her a “doll.” My mom vaguely recognized her, and we went to her blog, and I recognized her sons – again, vaguely. And I looked through my yearbooks from high school. Nope. Middle school yearbooks. Yep. Apparently two of her sons were older than I, and one younger. They lived in Canterwood, we think, because how else would her oldest son know this.

Apparently, her oldest son remembers a “bus bully incident” from school – which was me. Yes, I was bullied for all three years of middle school. Blake. He was the bane of my existence in my tween years. He and his “bros” all were at my bus stop in middle school, and this guy must as rode the bus with us, because there was no other way that he could remember my bus bully from seven years ago. SEVEN YEARS AGO. I had the worst nickname in history for three years. You wanna know what it is? Who gives a fuck? It was Flabbigail. There. I said it. It’s been seven years. Blake was the only person I ever truly hated. Seriously. I honestly can’t think of anyone else who I actually hated. I can think of a couple people who come close, but none like Blake. There are some non-personal people who I hate – like Dick Cheney and the leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church, and a few other public figures, but those don’t count.

But this blog thing was so weird, because mom only knew this woman from Friday Night Activities at Harbor Ridge. And I don’t even remember talking to her sons. It was weird. Mom keeps asserting that “blogland” isn’t real, and this woman’s making it all up. But how else would her oldest son know I got humiliated for years by a bully on the bus?

That’s the thing – he couldn’t.

It was weird.

Um…I think I’m done.

I’ll post some Youtube videos I’ve enjoyed the last couple days.

“Taking Woodstock,” directed by Ang Lee (!) and starring Demetri Martin (!!!).

Old Outback commercial starring Jemaine Clement, I’m thinking poking fun at Australians.

“Where the Wild Things Are” trailer. Love that freaking book.

The newest Smosh video – “Unitarded.” Those suits sure don’t leave anything to the imagination.

Just picture all that Grey’s Anatomy stuff over this song, and you’ll get why it brought tears to my eyes. O+S – We Do What We Want To

❤ Abby


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