The Conchords got Evicted.

22 Mar

“It’s a rags to rags story.”

“It’s a story about two guys who start at the bottom, continue along the bottom, and end up at the bottom.”

The finale of Flight of the Conchords, season 2 was tonight. It makes me pretty sad to think that it will be awhile before I get some more new Conchords geniusness. And I don’t even know if there will be a season 3. I sure hope there is, because it was one of the only reasons I made my father keep HBO on our cable plan. We nixed Showtime and kept HBO. I should start watching that show True Blood. I hear it’s pretty good (and when I say “hear” I mean read on many blogs and reviews online. I never actually “hear” any of these things.) If I’d gotten tickets to their show in May, I wouldn’t be as upset right now as I am.

I love Mel. If Flight of the Conchords decided not to come back, then Kristen Schaal should get her own show about Mel and Doug. She’s fantastic. Tonight’s episode made Mel so much weirder, yet so endearing. Bret and Jemaine got evicted and Mel let them live with her and Doug, and she locked the door to the room that they were sleeping in. She treated Bret and Jemaine like children, and ignored Doug and his harp-playing. Doug and Mel decided to separate for awhile, and Bret and Jemaine were their objects of custody, like two little sons. It was actually quite sweet.

I won’t spoil the ending, because it’s quite wonderful and terrible at the same time.

I’ll miss Jemaine and Bret. God I wish I could have gone to their show at the Paramount in May. I’ll do most anything to get a ticket to the show. I’ll stand outside the theater all day, holding a sign, just to see if I could get in. Maybe I’ll do it all three days if it doesn’t work the first day. I’ll just keep trying.

Oh how I love Jemaine’s sideburns. They are so marvelous.

Everyday sounds.

The Musical.

Good news, terrible news, truly awful news.

❤ Abby


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