Spring cleaning…in the snow?

15 Mar

I’ve been getting really bored with the blog layouts quickly lately, so I really need to learn CSS so I can customize my own blog. But I’m too lazy, so I’ll just keep switching it up.

So, it snowed today. Really last night, and during the early hours of the day. We got about 3 inches over here on the Kitsap Peninsula, but thank goodness it got warm enough to melt it all. But then it got excruciatingly windy. The kind of wind that makes you skin sting in the cold. I learned that the hard way when I had to fill up my gas tank and the pump I pulled up to was broken, but not labeled as such. So I had to turn get back in my car and turn around to go to another pump. When I was driving to school today, the streetlights were swinging vigorously, and it almost looked like in “Twister.”

Anyway. Do you ever listen to one of those songs that trigger specific emotions or memories, even subconsciously? I know that taste is the strongest trigger of memory, but for me, songs spark certain things in my brain. Yesterday, when I was driving home from Lacey – I’ll get to that later – my shuffle went to “I Can’t Make you love me” by Bonnie Raitt, and my eyes started to well up. For some reason, no matter where I am, what time it is, what I’m doing, that song makes me cry. And certain songs make me think of random memories. Like the first time I ever heard Snow Patrol. Whenever I hear their song “Ways and Means,” I can picture where I was sitting, when it was, who I was with, at the Deck the Hall Ball. It was the first song we heard when we walked in, and ever since then, it’s been one of my favorites of their songs. What is a song that triggers certain emotions or memories with you? It’s always interesting to hear.

Back to Lacey! I ended up judging the Ads category at the WJEA State Conference yesterday at Timberline instead of the Layout category. There were already plenty of layout judges, and Derek only had a few people judging the advertisement category with him, so I joined him. There were only ten entries, but it was really fun to go through and pick apart these entries. It was nice to be on the other side for once. I do have to congratulate Outlook for winning best in show in the state. It was pretty exciting… and pretty loud to be in that auditorium when they were winning their awards. It was pretty cool for Derek’s kids from the Arrow to be there, apart of something totally unknown. They won awards left and right, and from the little amount of time I’ve met them, I was so proud of them, and Derek, because they were completely new to this whole newspaper thing.

Good on ya, Renton High School.

I’m off to go study for a final I have tomorrow.

Laugh please. Now.

❤ Abby


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