14 Mar

That is your daily dose of brilliant.

And perhaps some hotness as well.

Alex Kapranos’ cheekbones could slice through a steak that’s been microwaved for a half an hour. I think that makes sense. In other words, they’re sharp. I remember the first time I heard Franz Ferdinand. It was early sophomore year in high school, right when they and the Killers were first getting big, and 107.7 The End’s DJ W. No Name was trying to figure out which band would make it bigger that year. The Killers obviously did following the herpes virus that was “Mr. Brightside,” but now that I think about it, Franz is the band that has created constantly good music. Self-titled – awesome. You could have it so much better – superb. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand – stupendous. And I wasn’t try to make the adjectives increasingly better, I just started coming up with more descriptive ones.

I saw Franz live, you know? Yeah. I went to go see the Killers mainly, at Deck the Hall Ball 2004 at the Key Arena. I hate seeing concerts at the Key. It’s so gigantic, and not intimate at all. I mean, you’re sitting basketball seats. But even from our terrible seats way too far away to see anything, I still freaking loved Franz Ferdinand live. They were better than the Killers, and surely better than Modest Mouse. At that point, we hadn’t even heard of the Shins, which would now be BLASPHEMY, and Snow Patrol and Keane were still pretty new. After that, we fell in love with all of them. Keane was way better at the Paramount the next year, but none of them can compare to WAS at Neumo’s last July. Yeah. but I think Sasquatch will be in a close running for first.

However, I keep forgetting Death Cab at Bumbershoot this year. I wish I could just do this for a living – go to shows and write about them. Why does the economy have to suck now?

Speaking of the economy – wow, that was a really good segue for two things so absolutely unrelated – did anyone see Jim Cramer on The Daily Show last night? If you haven’t – YOU HAVE TO. Go to comedycentral.com, and watch the unedited interview that took up the entire half hour show last night. Jim Cramer was so uncomfortable, and John Stewart PWNED him! That was the perfect instance to use the word PWN. Major PWNage. It was both uncomfortable and hilarious, even better than when John appeared on Crossfire a few years ago – right before Crossfire got fucking cancelled. Coincidence? I think not.

Take a gander.

You don’t have to watch the whole thing, just the first 9 minutes or so. But it’s worth it, trust me.

In honor of pi day, I’m posting a completely unrelated video that’s also equally completely HILARIOUS. Maria Bamford is also bloody brilliant.

That was really random.

❤ Abby


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