Daylight savings doesn’t make any sense anymore

8 Mar

I thought this was funny, and kind of pertained to my post. Besides, it’s one of the best cartoons online.

It’s fucking snowing.


I’ve been inside all day, working on a paper for my politics class, about blogs and their effect on democracy. It’s called “Blogosphere.”

Here’s my introduction thing.

In the history of this country, the media has taken an astronomically sized role in how our democracy functions – often more than it should. In the years when print media was the only source of news, everyone had less privacy, especially those in political positions. Then came the radio, when information was slightly more instantaneous, but much more convenient. Still, large companies like GE controlled the airwaves. Once television came along, more companies struck up to control what was shown to the entire United States. The first television appeared in American households over 50 years ago, and since then, we have made tremendous progress in terms of information technology. The Internet being the most significant has been widely available since the mid-90s, and looking back even ten years ago, dial-up and America Online seem like antiques.

Anything is instantaneous these days, including the power to say whatever you want to whomever you want.

Blog, a contraction of the initial term “weblog,” has become the talk of the tubes in recent years. Blog topics can range from celebrity gossip, like, to personal strife, like or political commentary, like Everyone from Brian Williams of NBC News to your angsty next-door neighbor has a blog. Whether or not it’s widely read is the issue at hand.

The news is what keeps Americans informed about what’s going on in the world—whether it be domestic issues or international affairs—the media is the link between politicians and the public.

So, I hope it’s good. I actually haven’t proofread it myself quite yet. I’m waiting for my sister and my mom to read it. It’s due tomorrow, and I’ve completely procrastinated, but I think I work better under pressure. At least, I think so. I have a buttload of homework due at the end of this week though, for Energy and Environment.

Flight of the Conchords is on tonight. Hopefully it will make me happy. There are only a few more episodes. That’s also the case with ER, and next is going to be wicked. Four more eps left, and Dr. Carter will hopefully find a kidney. I can’t stand leaving a show with too many loose ends, which is why it was so tragic that Pushing Daisies got cancelled.

I think I’ll start on my homework for Energy and Environment, since I won’t get a lot of time to do it next weekend, fore I’ll be studying and at the Washington Journalism Education Association State Convention in Lacey.

Oh my god it’s really snowing. And today was spring forward. Ha. Spring forward my ass.

❤ Abby


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