A little explanation of the above and to the right quote

5 Mar

“Given enough technology, every dance is the robot.”

I love this quote. I don’t know if this kid was the first person to say it, but if he was, then he’s brilliant. Watch this video, and you will see the kid at about 2:24. The kid in the question mark jacket at state my junior year. We honestly didn’t know this guy at all. After Ross and James randomly started the “sexy dance party,” Question Mark Kid came up and danced with them. I make an appearance at one point in the video at 4:19. I look ridiculous. It was pretty awesome.

It won’t embed for some stupid reason.

This video was made by James Davidson and Ross Todrzak, two guys that were in Outlook with me until junior year. James made many other videos, and you should go check them out at his Google Video account. I just love the fact that James and Ross used the record feature on a Canon Powershot (seriously), and Windows Moviemaker.

Wow, this was a long time ago.

❤ Abby


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