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I’ve been waiting around for three hours

26 Feb

I wished we had the real BBC. Or E4. Whatever.

I’ve been waiting around for three hours for someone across the pond to upload episode 6 of Skins tonight, which aired at 10 p.m. UK time. Which is….um…8 hours ahead of us. It’s not like the internet goes on a delay for the different time zones. No, I was able to find out who won Top Chef last night at 8 o’clock my time, but I didn’t, because I wanted to be surprised.

And boy was I surprised. Both sadly and pleasantly surprised. I really really really wanted Carla to win, but after she gave into Casey’s suggestions, I knew she was screwed. Carla needed to cook her food, and she didn’t.

And Stefan was an ass. The thing I didn’t like about Stefan was that because he was so cocky, he never really seemed to stride for greatness. He always seemed like he was half-assing everything. His food didn’t reflect that so much, but his attitude did. Hosea always tried his hardest. And he was never really unpleasant. He was always a nice person. So Carla was Mom’s and my favorite from the beginning, but Hosea was my second favorite, so it ended out nicely.

Speaking of Top Chef, Fabio was on Ellen today, and he made this actually tasty-looking tofu dish. And Ellen drank almost an entire bottle of gran marnier. Quite hysterical. I’m excited to see the reunion next week. Maybe not quite as excited as I’ll be once someone posts episode 6 online, but that’s beside the point.

I rediscovered my journal this morning, and I hate that I leave months between entries. The last entry – seriously – was October 2, right after McCain picked Sarah Palin has his running mate, and that’s what I blabbered on about. I had just started school, and was still working at Petco. I don’t want to leave these huge chunks. But then again, that’s what the blogs are for.

But in a way, I’ve forgotten how to journal, because the thing with a journal is that you can truly write whatever the fuck you want. There is no censor, no filter, no audience. I don’t want to do that again, leave a good 5 months between entries. If I keep going at that rate, all the journals I have now will last me the rest of my life.

I will end on this mnemonic. It’s fucking hilarious. Again, I ❤ Demetri Martin.

Always Beware of Cats Darting Erratically Forward Going Halfway Into Jungles, Kathy, Lest Mopey Neighbors Open Poorly Quilted Radioactive Sunlamps To Ultra-Violet Waves or X-rays, Yo Zach!

Yes, it is a mnemonic for the alphabet, in case you forget.

Also, I have two days to figure out who’s going to Sasquatch with me, or else the price of the tickets will go up after the first day. I’m going, so I need at least 2 more people to go. Preferably three.

❤ Abby