Oscars: In a nutshell

23 Feb

So, last night was FANTASTIC! I wasn’t expecting much from Hugh, since John Stewart did just an awesome job last year, but Jackman brought the house down!

The musical is back!

My favorite part of the whole night – apart from when Slumdog won best picture and Dev Patel was holding Rubina up on stage so she could see over everyone and he started to cry – was all the montages dedicated to romance, comedy, action, and documentary genres of the year. I could not stop laughing when Seth Rogan and James Franco got all awkward when they watched the scene from Milk. I love them. And my sister just about shit herself when I screamed for her to come downstairs to see RPattz present romance for 2008. Damn he’s nice to look at, but can’t speak for shit.

There were a couple times that I teared up – the first being when Heath Ledger’s family came to accept his award for best supporting actor, when Dustin Lance Black accepted the award for best original screenplay, and when Sean Penn accepted for best actor. I was unaware of the protesting going on outside the awards pre-show, and when my mom filled me on what exactly he was talking about, I got really sad. I just thought he was being cheeky when he called the whole theater a bunch of “commie-loving homo son-of-a-guns.” It made me really sad, but at the same time, really happy that he won. I was inspired by the return of Mickey Rourke and all his glory, but I thought that Sean Penn was amazing as Harvey Milk. For a pretty damn outspoken straight man to play an optimistic gay man – Harvey Milk – and not do it mockingly at all is pretty awesome.

I think all the films that should have won did – Benjamin Button cleaned out mostly in the pre-production stuff, the visual and technical stuff, but Slumdog won 8 out of the 10 nominations they had. One of which being the other song that was nominated, so it couldn’t have 10/10 either way.

Now onto the fashion. Specifically I noticed that lots of women were wearing silvery or white ensembles. And lots of mermaids. Not a big fan of fabric explosions, but maybe that’s just me.


Penelope Cruz

Come on, a 60-year-old dress? And it still looks this good? The shape wasn’t too billowy like SJP, yet not too flat. Very classy. Penelope was purely stunning.

Anne Hathaway

I liked it because as sparkly as it was, the dress wasn’t flashy. Simple hair with a red lip paired with her porcelain complexion, Anne looked like a doll on the red carpet.

Amy Adams

I really liked the geometric shapes on the bodice, and red is surely her color. The necklace wasn’t overpowering because of the simplicity of her hair and makeup.

Angelina Jolie (and Brad Pitt)

Honestly, I thought her dress was kind of average, but the shock of green on her ears made the dress pop, and it can’t hurt if you’ve got a gorgeous man on your arm.

Evan Rachel Wood

One would never know that Evan was dating Marilyn Manson a year ago, and she was all gothed out. Certainly not last night, is this stunning white gown. Similar to Natalie Portman wrapped bodice, but with Anne Hathaway’s porcelain skin.

Natalie Portman

Yet another simple but beautiful style. Not many people would go with this color, but it works. As does the faux-wrapped bodice. Love her.

Frieda Pinto

I love her, and this blue number suits her wonderfully. The color on her skin tone and the almost Indian-inspired jeweling makes perfect sense.


Reese Witherspoon

Why, Reese, why? The dark makeup paired with the confusing construction and odd fades of blue looked a mess on stage. It looks like it was a pretty dress at one point, but then got torn apart and reconstructed poorly.

Jessica Biel

It looked like a sack. That’s all.


WTF? I’m all for showing off the curves, but this is just ridiculous. Uber tight and a strange upholstery fabric, this dress misses the mark by far too much. Sasha Fierce wasn’t all that fierce last night.

Viola Davis

Prom anyone? The color wasn’t the greatest on her skin tone, and it made her look really shiny, and not in a good way.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum wore this. Seriously. Too little fabric, too much bling, and too much red. Red shoes paired with a red dress? Come on Heidi. You know better.

Amanda Seyfried

Sadly enough, RPattz out-beautified her up on stage when they presented romance 2008. The bow is awkward and overpowering and the length makes her look about 3 feet tall.


Marisa Tomei

The dress is beautiful, but Marisa looked incredibly uncomfortable in it. She didn’t really “make it work” as Tim Gunn would say.

Miley Cyrus

Honestly, I wanted Miley to show up looking like a hot mess, but when I saw this, I paused. I’m not sure exactly what to say about it, because she doesn’t look bad, but the sequins may be too overwhelming.

Jennifer Aniston

Dress:GORGEOUS. Jenn:a little too plain. Her hair could have used a little more oomph and the complete lack of any sort of accessory makes the look unfinished.

So, yeah. That’s my take.

❤ Abby


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