Meme of the week: Octo-mom

13 Feb

Since I’ve been completely random on this blog, I’ve decided to devote one post a week to specifically talk about a meme: an item of pop culture propogated via word of mouth. Usually used in reference to the latest cool website that is propogated by e-mail (Urbandictionary). I read way too much ONTD to not talk about them.

So every friday, I’ll be talking about the one thing that has pervaded pretty much a majority of the posts on ONTD and the entertainment shows.

It’s obvious that Octo-Mom has been the meme of the week.

This woman is fucking crazy. She honestly is. She thinks she can be Angelina Jolie because she pops out a shitload of kids and gets her lips done.

This honestly scares me to think that people can go about their lives like this. How selfish can this woman be? Although I’m not sure if she’s selfish, but she’s just nuts. Like, fucking wacked in the head. I saw her interview with Ann Curry, and all the things that she said about her kids made no sense. When Ann asked her about the possibility of discarding of her frozen embryos from her first IVF treatments, she was mortified at the idea of throwing away lives.

Throwing away lives? Seriously? It’s not even like she had an abortion. I’d completely understand if she didn’t want to have an abortion, but discarding of artificially conceived eggs are no way the same as having an abortion. There are enough children who don’t have families, that to turn these eggs into children is mad. When I have kids, and I’m not even sure if I’ll have kids, I want to adopt. Children brought into this world without a proper family need love. I see no point in making more children when there are so many who need families. And who knows if I’m still on my medication. If I am, I’d have to go off of them during the nine months of pregnancy.

In a way, I’m being selfish. I know. I wouldn’t want to go through all the difficulties of pregnancy, but I’m sick, technically. And I don’t know how long I’ll be sick. But I’m also being unselfish I think.

Unlike Nadya Suleman, who is crazy. She has a website, the Nadya Suleman Family Website where people can make donations through PAYPAL. FUCKING PAYPAL. If you need to get donations from the internet, have no partner, and live with your mother, you have no business having any children, let alone FOURTEEN!.

This woman makes me sick, because as much as she’s a total corruption of the family unit, she’ll still get money. There are 14 children in this situation, and those 14 children need care. Nadya is both exploiting herself and her children for fame. It’s almost amusing to me that this same year, people in numerous states around the country prohibited gay couples from getting married or adopting children, when this single mother has 14 children. They won’t dare let gay couples ruin the traditional family unit, and this woman might be offered a fucking reality show.

I’d like for Nadya to stop getting all this publicity, but at the same time, the children need a functioning family. They need to be taken away. It’s a terrible thing to take children away from their mother, but when their mother is absolutely nuts, it’s needed.

That’s all I have to say for now. Today, a brand new baby story hit the posts, one of a 13-year-old father named Alfie in the UK, and I’m guessing that we’ll be hearing more about that this week, so inevitably, that will be the meme of next week.

I finally found the song that was missing from my Slumdog soundtrack.Mausam and Escape – A R Rahman

❤ Abby


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