does one need to be high on something to understand mulholland dr.?

12 Feb

We watched Mulholland Dr. by David Lynch in my film directors class yesterday. I know it’s a class on Tim Burton, which David Lynch could not be a stronger contrast, but that’s why we watched it.

I swear to god, that was the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen. Well, I guess I’ve seen weirder ones, but Mulholland Dr. made no fucking sense. I can honestly say I have no idea what the hell was going on. Naomi Watts helped a girl figure out who she was, then they fell in love, and there was a film director and a dude trying to get him to cast some girl, and the director’s wife cheating on him—WITH BILLY RAY FUCKING CYRUS. That part made the whole class LOL. He had the worst mullet I’ve ever seen. Although Kanye’s frollet is in close competition.

And then there was a dirty hobo who kept showing up randomly, and a then Naomi Watts went crazy and her name was different. And some hitman shot a guy in his office and accidentally shot the lady next door and the janitor.

Seriously, that’s how schizophrenic the story was.

On top of hating the incoherent plot, the lighting was crap in the whole first half. It looked all soft and fuzzy like a soap opera with fill lighting at every part of the room. And the acting didn’t quite get up to par until the second half. It was like they were two different movies – the first and second half.

I can truly say I never want to see that movie again, because if critics can’t decipher the meaning, then I don’t even want to try.

After the craziness that was Mulholland Dr, I finally got to see “Important things with Demetri Martin.” As retarded as wednesday night television is, I missed the initial broadcast at 10:30, but I caught it at midnight. Seriously. American Idol, Lost, Criminal Minds, CSI:NY and Top Chef are all on wednesdays, and American idol was fucking 2 hours last night, so it made it more complicated.

I freaking love Demetri Martin. I think I know why he’s so funny. He graduated from Yale for christ’s sakes! And he went to law school for awhile before dropping out to become a comic. Now that’s a change in ambitions if you tell me. Last night’s episode was about “timing,” so he did jokes and sketches all about timing. My favorite was the “guy who was away too early for a rave,” and Demetri was running round in the streets with glow sticks and a shiny belt, flared jeans and a bunch of tiny ponytails. It was HI-LAR-IOUS.

I couldn’t find a video of just the raver, but here’s one that I found of just the show – the last part of the show.

I hope that his show doesn’t get cancelled. Then I’ll be sad.

I’ll also be sad if Grey’s Anatomy gets cancelled. I’ll be devastated, even though it’s been really shitty lately. Shonda Rhimes kinda sucks lately. The only really good storyline this whole year has been the three episode arc with Eric Stoltz as the serial killer. The only good one.

It makes me sad. But Demetri makes me happy. 🙂

Demetri Martin – The Grapes Song

❤ Abby


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