Who says they’re wack?

9 Feb

I just found a preview copy of “Incredibad,” the Lonely Island’s debut. Oh. My. God.

In case you’re wondering who the fuck the Lonely Island is, they’re the masterminds behind many of SNL’s digital shorts, including “Lazy Sunday,” “Dick in a box,” and “Jizz in my pants.” Although, those are only three of their biggest hits, and the ones with the most hits on Youtube.

However, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Shaffer have been a trio much longer than they’ve been on SNL. They actually shot a pilot for their own sketch show called “Awesometown” for year or two before Andy joined the cast as a featured player at the same time as Bill Hader. The trio has been making videos on their website The Lonely Island for awhile. Some of those videos include their mini series parodying the O.C. called the ‘BU (like Malibu), “Just Two Guyz,” and “We Like Sportz.” “Sportz” is actually one of the tracks on this mishmash of hip-hop comedy wonder.

I was in awe. I listened to the entire album while working out, and I had to keep from laughing out loud on the elliptical. I would have gotten some stares. What’s so awesome about this debut is that without all the ridiculous lyrics of “I’m on a boat” and “Natalie’s Rap,” they’re good songs. They are genuinely good songs, ones that you can dance to, work out to, and rock out to in your car with some pals.

My personal favorites are “Like a boss,” “Natalie’s rap,” and the closer to the album, “Incredibad.” All of them include much swearing, lots of dick-sucking, but it’s easy to tell that Andy, Jorm and Kiv spent some time in the studio to make sure these songs would sell for more than the laugh value.

They have everyone from T-Pain, Jack Black, Norah Jones and Julian Casablancas from the Strokes featured on this album, so they obviously got something good here. They really do. And what’s so funny to me is that these three white guys outrapped T-Pain. These fake MCs can stand up the big guys. As can Natalie Portman.

I’m playing it currently on my itunes playlist, and as smoothly Incredibad can transition right to Justin Timberlake and T.I.’s song “Dead and gone” says quite a lot about the musicality of the album. The hip-hop backdrops are so commercial-friendly that they may get some play on mainstream radio. Honestly.

Andy’s been the face of their videos for the most part, Jorm the writer and Kiv the director, but in the last couple of music videos on SNL, Jorm and Kiv have joined Andy on screen with “Jizz in my pants,” and “I’m on a boat,” their satirical tribute to materialism, featuring T-Pain. And it’s easy to see how long they’ve been working together making these genius videos.

The Lonely Island has ventured into other outlets as well. “Hot Rod” was their first feature film, and it’s gained some following as a incredibly quotable movie. Akiva has also directed some music videos, including several for We Are Scientists “Nobody move, nobody gets hurt,” “It’s a hit,” “The Great Escape,” and “After Hours.”

I freaking love this album. Incredibad is incredible. The Lonely Island is now like the American hip-hop version of Flight of the Conchords. Funny? Check. Good songs? Check. Clever videos? Check. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re good-looking too.

Natalie’s Rap (definitely NSFW)

‚̧ Abby


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