“I’m on a boat, muthafucka!”

8 Feb

Watch these ones too, because they won’t embed.

“Really?!” with Seth

Kristen’s Bjork

That was freaking fantastic. “Really?!” with Seth explained my thoughts exactly on the Michael Phelps weed scandal. Kristen’s Bjork character made me almost piss my pants. And Andy, Kiv and Jorm are just getting more and more clever. Go to Hulu, the video quality is way better than Youtube, and you can find almost any SNL clip from the last 5 years, along with some classics from back in the day before Tina Fey.

I’m writing a short story right now, and I wrote about 8 pages last night. I don’t know why I had the sudden inclination to write one, but I’d been daydreaming about this one person for awhile, so I wanted to write it down before I forgot it. I’ll be posting it on dA, and maybe WeBook. It depends on how clean it stays. As I way writing it last night, it went into a weird direction that I hadn’t planned on going.

I needed a break from studying Tim Burton’s filmography. I think I’ll do pretty well tomorrow. I know that Ed Wood made the least about of money in the box office-$6 million, and Batman made $250 million. I know who Chris Lebenzon is – an editor, and Denise DiNovi is a producer. Hopefully I remember all this shit tomorrow.

But you have to watch these videos. You’ll jizz right in your pants.

This is another of the Lonely Island’s many genius songs from the SNL digital shorts. It’s from a couple years ago when Adam Levine came on as a guest singer. Iran so far-Andy Samberg ft. Adam Levine

❤ Abby


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