My Top Ten Favorite People

6 Feb

So I had an inclination to post an entry with all my favorite people. Outside of the people that I know. These can be anyone with any sort of celebrity status – comedians, writers, actors, pundits, random people I have affection for. People who have more than a few Google hits.

And this is in a particular order.

10. Keith Olbermann

He’s not afraid to piss people off, and most times, he’s just saying what most people are afraid to say, at least on the liberal side of things. And he’s amusing – especially when he goes from distinguished and poignant to apeshit.

9. Patton Oswalt

Because he’s overweight and nerdy and hilarious. And he’s the voice of Ratatouille. Go listen to his stuff. It’s ridiculously underrated.

8. Dan Savage

He’s a great writer, and some people have called him the David Sedaris of this generation. Even though “Savage Love” never pertains to me, I always like reading it in the Stranger.

7. Tina Fey

She’s a comedic genius. I freaking love her.

6. Demetri Martin

I’ve always had a crush on him. And I don’t think I’ve memorized as many bits of anyone else as I have his. Except maybe Flight of the Conchords, but those are songs.

5. Dev Patel

I have a dorky infatuation with him at the moment. Partly because of Slumdog. Partly because he’s British. Partly because he’s so adorable and geekily charming. Partly because I’ve found the ultimate guilty pleasure in “Skins,” Britain’s WAY RAUNCHIER version of Degrassi. It really is.

4. Stephen Colbert

I don’t think there’s another comedian in the world that I own a CD of, a book, and a scheduled DVR recording for every night. Enough said. I ❤ Stephen.

3. Lee Pace

First of all – he picks pretty awesome roles in movies and television. Second of all – he’s been in two of my favorite shows ever. Third of all – he’s a great actor. Fourth and final – he’s quite attractive.

2. Bret and Jemaine

I couldn’t split them up, because they act as one, in my eyes. Awesomely funny show+kickass New Zealand accents+brilliantly clever songs+Jemaine’s fantastic sideburns=My ❤ for Flight of the Conchords.

1. Chris and Keith

That’s a really old picture, but this should have been obvious. Not sure if there needs much explaining as to why I love them. But I contemplated putting them as two separate people, that way they could just take up more room on my list.

❤ Abby


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